Snip-hits and Misses

Snippets from the first leg of my spring break.

I found my map print duffel bag at Salvation Army.
My current magazines are a nice dichotomy: Teen Vogue and Business Week.
The gate at the airport in Chicago--love the ceiling.
What I wore on Sunday: vintage dress via Salvation Army, tights- gift, shoes- H&M, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
I nearly swooned when I saw this dress in the thrift store, the little row of buttons is gorgeous.
Went to Dave and Busters for the first time...wasn't really my scene, I'm terrible at these types of games. Board games are another story...
I'm borrowing my sister's Cows sweatshirt to service as pajamas.
Balloons for St. Patricks Day in downtown.
Trying on dresses I can't afford at Anrthopologie.
What I'm wearing to shop: vintage headband, ASOS dress, tights-gift
The ceiling at Union Station.


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