I Occasionally Wear The Pants

I readily admit that shorts and jeans are not my common choice, but when I recently wore my red jeans and several people stated that they could not recall seeing me in blue jeans, I felt it necessary to remind everyone that I do (on occasion) wear blue jeans. Sometimes I wear them when the wind is strong and I don't feel like exposing myself to the general public, and at other times I feel it necessary to don them so people don't think I have a religious conviction against women wearing pants...So, here's a little blue jean remix from the past year.
It was also laundry day recently and to save time and energy I snapped my pics there...but I didn't climb in this time!

Outfit details: shirt- secondhand (customized), shorts- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Urban Outfitters, bag- Pull and Bear, earrings- Fantasy Beader


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