Mean Reds

"Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination." -William Arthur Ward
My remix posts seem to be popular lately so I am making an effort to post one of these semi-regularly. I consider most of my outfits remixes on some level, since I make an effort to never wear the same exact outfit (not to say that I don't repeat, just that I try not to). This H&M red dress is one of my favorite dresses of summer and I already wore it here and here.

skirt- American Eagle, shoes- Dr. Scholls, bag- secondhand
scarf- my mother's, bag- Pull and Bear, shoes- secondhand
blazer- H&M, shoes- vintage
vest- H&M, shoes- H&M
beret-secondhand, cardigan- Forever 21, tights- Betsey Johnson via Modcloth, shoes- Urban Outfitters
jacket- secondhand, bag- secondhand, shoes- some shop in Japan
belt-vintage, socks- Thank You Mart, shoes- Seychelles from my sisters


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