Leave These Lulling Shores

Perhaps my addiction to color can all be explained by the few years I spent living in Hawaii. I know people born and raised in New York city who consider it part of their cultural heritage to wear black. Personally, I can't wear head-to-toe black...it unnerves me when I force myself to attempt it and I have to consciously decide to wear black. Unconsciously, I reach for colors in tones both neon and jewel.

When you walk through the Stadium Swapmeet with its plethora of brightly decorated stalls, or even just stroll along a beach of brilliant blue sky and turquoise water, an affection for color makes sense. It's all around you and almost overwhelming in its intensity. Every time I leave Hawaii and return to the mainland, I feel as if I have gone color blind from all the vivid, visual overload that is Oahu. So, for now my addiction to color persists.
Outfit 1 details: dress- Bows and Bandits vintage, bag- Modcloth, shoes- Urban Outfitters, necklace- Anirtak, ring- Stadium Swapmeet
Outfit 2 details: dress- Forever 21, shoes- Saltwater Sandals, necklace- Yellowstone National Park gift shop, ring- the Stadium Swapmeet


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