Truth Depends On A Walk Around The Lake

A few sunny days and all the ice on this side of the lake has all but disappeared. Once again it is still and reflective; a soothing place to pass a bit of time.

It has been too long since I wore my star print dress, no? I wore it so much last year that I can only be inspired to wear it when I can think of a fresh way to style it. This little jacket from H&M did the trick, making the ensemble feel somehow patriotic. While black flats would be an easy end to the outfit, I did a little doodling on my shoes with a paint pen. I do enjoy shoes with a little splash of personality and clearly haven't moved past my high school habit of drawing on my Converse.
Also, if I keep wearing this Modcloth necklace and taking close-ups, everyone will be able to know exactly what time of day I am taking my outfit shots...
Outfit details: jacket- H&M, dress- H&M, tights- Walmart, shoes- customized, gloves- Karmaloop, necklace- Modcloth


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