Expect Nothing. Live Frugally On Surprise

Fashion weeks are so utterly wonderful. All the work that designers have been clocking all year burst forth in a few short days to offer us endless inspiration for the months to come. If the fashion shows weren't enough to admire, all the style amazons come out of the woodwork to stalk the streets and cause poor, lost tourists to stare. I was only in New York for a few days, but it was nice to have a reason to dress creatively. It definitely is driving me to move to a city.

Here are a few of my favorite collections so far. I think Marc Jacobs is my top pick; there seems to be a mix of baby doll and elegant lady. It is giving me ideas of pieces to look for when vintage shopping.
proenza schoulder, new york fashion week, runway
Proenza Schouler

marc jacobs, new york fashion week, NYFW, fall, runway
Marc Jacobs

helmut lang, nyfw, new york fashion week, runway, fashion, style
Helmut Lang
anna sui, new york fashion week, nyfw, runway, hippy, fashion, style
Anna Sui
pictures via Style.com


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