Who Wears Short Skirts?

Awhile back Erin of Calivintage received this Charley "mini" dress in the mail, only to realize it was not really a dress. She's 5'5" and as she put it the "lady bits were barely covered" in this particular mini. She brought the dress to NYC where we roomed together and when my 5'1" lady bits were covered in it, Erin generously gave me the dress. It's still short on me, it doesn't pass that "finger tip rule" high schools like to impose, but wearable (especially with tights).
I was tempted to style this dress identically to Calivintage (maroon tights and the same booties), but ultimately I resisted.

Outfit details:
vintage feather fascinator
Charley dress from Calivintage
H&M tights
Thank You Mart socks
Seychelles oxford heels
self-mixed nail polish


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