Sitting On The Dock

I have been waiting for ages to get out on this dock again. In the fall I could sit on the edge and dangle my legs over it, but now the dock is nearly level with the water and parts of it have collasped. To get to the dock you actually have to tip-toe across a fallen log and cross your fingers that you won't slip and fall in. I actually wouldn't have dared to go out on something so unstable-looking if I hadn't seen people fishing off it another day. I rather think this dock won't make it through another winter...

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
vintage dress c/o Rock Paper Vintage
Target tights
vintage shoes
self-mixed nail polish



  1. It's seems like such a magical and amazing place, Rebecca. You are really luck to live in such a beautiful place and stunning surroundings as the one shown in the pictures.
    On another note, I really like your outfit; the print on the dress is perfect and it reminds me a bit of Autom.


  2. I'm glad you went back to that dock because that's one of the most amazing settings where you took pictures. the reflection of the clouds and trees in the waters is perfect.

  3. really heart the landscape of ur background's photoshoot!! really awesome..ur outfit looks stunning too girl :D

    ur shoes and ur hair..look perfect match..^^



  4. I REALLY like the colors in your outfit—it is very much a more toned down sort of colorful. I love how your shoes match the color of your hair—it's rather striking. That dock looks like a nice little place to hang out, although maybe a bit questionable! :]

    Today it looks like WA is back to it's normal grayness, but haven't the last few days been fantastically sunshiney?

  5. I hope some takes heart and repairs it for future visitors to enjoy! I wish the weather was right for wearing a nice jacket. you look very pretty as always.


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  6. This is definitely one of my favourite outfit of yours. The colours look so lovely together and the scenery couldn't be better.

  7. It´s an idilic place. I would love to have places like that near my home to ta take pics and of course, to relax.
    Anyway, lovely skirt. xoxo

  8. I love your dress, it's so pretty.

    I live in Washington too. Hasn't the weather been such a downer lately? I'm always impressed that you manage to look cute while dressing for the chilly and wet weather.

  9. Such cute outfit! I like the pic were you look like you are standing on the water. Were you live looks so beautiful. I wish I had such beautiful surroundings to take my blog pictures, alas I have good old cement!

  10. you look absoultely lovely! I hope that dock survives :)

  11. amazing outfit. love the dress and the shoes. oh, and the place looks so nice! :)

  12. I love the print of the dress! Great color combination.

  13. looking lovely as ever :) i am always in awe of your hair. and the settings to all your photos are enviable xx

  14. It must stay really cool where you live if you can still wear tights and a jacket. I must admit I'm a little jealous at the moment. A nice happy medium would also be pleasant:) But I absolutely love what you put together. The jacket and the burgundy tights with the floral is just so pretty!

  15. aahh blue and maroon/purple is just a wonderful rich combination!! i really like this ensemble, rebecca! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. I love this photos ! You know you are a very lucky woman to have this kind of view around your place, right ?

    And the outfit is also adorable,it matches your hair so well :)


  18. The dress is awesome! I'm looking for something like this at the momenet..And also love how you paired it with those burgund tights!

    Songs and Fairy Tales

  19. Rebecca, I love how your hair coincidently matches your shoes! And I love the contrast of the sky blue nail polish against all the lovely rich colours that you like to wear. Wish I had half your wardrobe! (at least three sizes larger of course!)

    Love love love your blog
    Claire x

  20. Cutest shoes ever, they suit you perfectly.

    tweet tweet tweet


  21. I love your shoes so much. They work so well with the coloured tights and your outfit is just lovely. Great location you've found there and that's dedication taking all those risks to get great photos.

  22. Love that dress with those tights, great colour match!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  23. Those shoes fit with everything so well! :)

    Besos Reb:)

  24. Love the outfit - your dress is so cute!

  25. I love the background for the photoshoot. It is beautiful! I like the print on your dress. I noticed that you wear those shoes a lot, and I am in LOVE with them. They are so cute!


  26. what a shame, it is so beautiful out there!

    i love the jacket/dress/tights combo. such beautiful colours.


  27. Hi :)

    I've been following your blog for a while now and read a few backdated entries and I think it's amazing how you've built it up over the years. I doubt mine will ever get that far. How did you go about building up your readers? Did you advertise or did people just find it on their own??

    I also admire your pictures, I read that you take them with a tripod rather than a photographer friend, do you ever feel a bit self-conscious at all? Well I guess not now after all this time but I just can't seem to get the hang of it, you look so natural.

    Anyway keep up the good work and I shall continue to enjoy reading :)


  28. That dock is so pretty. hope it lasts through the winter, but you're not gonna be there next summer anyways, are you?

    Your outfit is so pretty. It must be cold there if you need to wear tights.

  29. Gorgeous scenery and you look beautiful in it. Great dress! :)

  30. But a beautiful place to relax!

    Love how you wore colored tights with your dress. I think matching tights and dress look very nice!

  31. Oh, this is a lovely outfit! :D The jacket is perfect, and all the colors mesh well together. Is it a bit hot for the jacket tho? It's pretty warm up in Canada where I am...
    I had a thought, it might be cool if you did a post with your reccomendations of favorite online places to seem to have such a varied wardrobe from all over! Just a thought :)

  32. It's silly, but I'm so jealous of your overcast weather right now! Oh, Washington. And I love the rich tones of your outfit.

  33. i wish i could still wear tights in Chicago, but it is so freaking hot I think I would melt twice as fast. I will have to live vicariously through you and this post.

  34. Love your outfits! They're always so pretty :D

  35. That jacket reminds me of an old sea captain. Awesome.

  36. your tights,
    your hair.
    so beautiful.

  37. Your outfit shots are always so picturesque. I wish I lived somewhere that beautiful.

    love the outfit too! x

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  39. If you suddenly find your shoes gone it is because I've found a way to steal them with the power of my mind alone..

    Great outfit :)

  40. all of your photos are always so beautiful. you make me want to visit washington! it looks magical!


  41. greaaatt tights! i love the color

  42. the dress! the jacket! the place you shot the photos at! daaamn! everything's just so lovely.

  43. I really like your dress and jacket... Your whole outfit really. Your pictures are always so fantastic, too.

  44. Those shoes are so cooooooolllllll!


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