Come Sail Away

This outfit is one of those "I like blue moments." It started off with the sweet sailboat dress and then I added my velvet bow belt. From there, blue heels and a nautical bag seemed to be the perfect additions. If I owned blue sunglasses those probably would have been thrown on as well. Perhaps I should start a blog called "I'm Only Happy When It's Blue," or would that be just too much?

The dress was originally adorned with four gold buttons and while I liked them, I was in the mood to butcher some clothes. This dress was lucky my mood only took me to remove the buttons, because sometimes I end up destroying pieces in an effort to customize and personalize. That is another reason I don't really do tutorials on my DIYs: they happen in the spur of the moment, often late at night, and are rarely repeated. After I made this bow belt I bought fabric to make more...that was a year ago and the fabric still lies neatly folded and ready for me to get the itch.

Outfit details:
self-made bow belt
Seychelles shoes, gift from my sisters
Stadium Swapmeet in Hawaii tote bag


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