Tussie Mussies

As yesterday's post revealed: I have left my usual haunts of Washington State for a brief visit to Indiana. The heat and sun are definitely turning me a characteristic shade of pink. Whenever I'm in really hot weather I always feel the temptation to moan "I'm melting, I'm melting" like the witch in The Wizard of Oz (movie, not book).

I'm here for a big-time event with much of my extended family. Tomorrow you'll get the details on what that event is, but for now I'll just share one of the activities we've been doing in preparation. We aren't making tussie-mussies, although it would have been awesome and difficult to follow the language of flowers. Instead we just made pretty bouquets with a mix of different blooms. I have received special permission to share some pictures of friends and family for the special occasion; the smiling blonde is one of my (usually camera shy) sisters.

Outfit details:
DKNY heels via Gilt
*pictures of me by my other sister and my father


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