Cambridge From Above

When I take pictures I often don't go to vastly separate locations miles apart from each other every day. Instead I merely show the scene from a different angle (especially because back in my old home I had "favorite" spots to visit). So, although I took pictures leading up to the Cambridge Castle Mound the other day, I went back to take a few on top of the mound (and even made you all a little panorama gif).
When it comes to packing for long trips (over a month) practicality is very important, but your most reasonable items are bound to bore you after awhile. Actually, all your items will bore you when you're living out of a suitcase. However, you can keep some of that apathy at bay by taking items you really love. My triptych dress was one such choice for me. A basic black dress can be worn more ways, but this dress is so much more exciting to pull out of the black hole of your suitcase in the morning...

Outfit details:
Triptych dress via The Olive Shoppe
UO belt
Deux Lux purse
Bijules and nOir rings via Gilt
*all pictures taken by me w/ my tripod


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