Living Out Of A Suitcase Remixes

As you have probably noticed: I finished my three weeks in the UK and just started my time here in Paris (which also means my trip is halfway through). Living out of a suitcase for six weeks is not my idea of fun, but traveling is what I love so I'll endure a lot of mildly uncomfortable situations in order to see new places (just ask me about the six flights of stairs I have to climb every day to reach our borrowed apartment). The key to packing light is a willingness to re-wear pieces again and again--I have been living that philosophy to the fullest and I thought I'd illustrate with just two of my "suitcase" dresses. I've worn both of these dresses far more than three times since purchasing them--these are just the ways I've worn them since I've been in Europe (you will also note the repetition of shoes, my only bag, and so forth).

dress one: Triptych dress, dress two: Built by Wendy dress


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