In A Treehouse With Starr

One of my favorite bloggers lately is Starr of A Thought Is The Blossom. Her outfits are always beautifully shot in intriguing locations from snowy hillsides to abandoned mattresses, but what really captivates the eye are the outfits themselves. She's not afraid to experiment with unique vintage hats, funny sunglasses, or even an eye-catching cape. To get to know the lady behind the style and the blog a bit better I asked Starr to plan her dream party for us...
What type of party is it?
It's a magical treehouse party, set 20-stories in the sky!
Who's invited?
Thom Yorke, Greg Cartwright, Sophia Coppola, Stanley Kubrik, The Dude, Clara Bow, Orla Kiely, Oscar Wilde, Orry Kelly, Aubrey Beardsley, a young Marie Antoinette, Marcus Aurelius, Stephen Hawking, my great-great-grandpa, and Mary Poppins – Jane & Michael can come too but they have to go to bed early!
Where does it take place?
In the forest, nestled between hundreds of trees that each have their own wooden swing.
What are you serving?
Nothing but pastries, ice cream, and White Russians. There's every kind of ice cream imaginable, along with fruit tarts and rhubarb pie, chocolate covered cannoli and lemon rolls, and just about any kind of sweet treat your mind can think up!
Who would get to sit next to you?
It really wasn't too formal, everyone was free to move around as they wished, but I found myself spending a lot of time with Oscar Wilde. He must have gotten tired of all my questions about the Fin de siècle and for that reason, I saved a bunch [of questions] for Aubrey Beardsley. I really didn't want to miss a chance to talk with everyone though, so I would just chat for a bit and move on. I think my favorite part was when Orry Kelly told me he liked my dress!
What is the theme?
The theme was dandies and dolls. Everyone wore a muted palette, the men with top hats, tailored pantaloons, and double breasted swallow-tail coats, and the women wore short Edwardian frocks, some with sweet peter pan collar and ruffles, others with lace trim and big bow collars. The men wore shiny wing-tipped oxfords while the women sported short-heeled Mary Janes and two tone lace up wedges. Despite the costumes, everyone still looked distinctly unique in their own one of a kind way. The Dude's coat was even made of towelling.
Is there any entertainment?
The beginning of the party was quite relaxed. We mingled and got to know each other a little better whilst nibbling on our sugar and sipping on our cocktails – they always help to lighten the mood – and then we took turns playing the piano that was tucked into the corner of the center room near two windows draped in sheer white curtains. We sung along to the songs we knew and hummed to the ones we didn't, and we joked about how Thom Yorke dominated that part of the evening.
Then we all took a seat to watch a comical play about a young boy growing up in the South written by Aristophanes and performed by Johnny Depp, Ruby Keeler, John Wayne, Kirsten Dunst, and Elizabeth Barry. It was full of laughter and little whispers throughout!
After the play, we listened to old blues records from the 60's! Clara Bow tried to teach us the Charleston and Marie Antoinette, the contredanse. Ten o'clock turned to midnight, midnight turned to 4AM, and before you knew it we're all sitting on a swing near the forest floor watching the suns arms grab our feet.
Are there any party favors?
Just across the room from the piano, located next to the front door, was a photo booth for everyone to visit throughout the night. I got my photo made with everyone but Stephen Hawking and Mary Poppins. For some reason, I never made it over that way with them. I think my favorite set is the one of me and Clara Bow! She was such a good time which resulted in some of the goofiest pictures. Marie Antoinette initially thought we were doing witchcraft, but after we explained how the mirrors and light paths in cameras work, she agreed to get in the booth with us. I figured photos from the evening would be the most meaningful party favor!
What are the hot topics of the evening?
Most of the chatter involved questions about particular periods. Everyone from the modern age was curious about the 18th and 19th centuries, while the others wanted to know all about the latest inventions. Their was really no gossip or talk about politics or religion, rather the evening functioned as a creative melting pot for old and new ideas alike. It was really cool watching new friendships brew: Thom Yorke and Greg Cartwright couldn't stop talking about music, Orry Kelly and Orla Kiely were already discussing a collaboration, Stanley Kubrik was interested in casting Marcus Aurelius in his next film, and Stephen Hawking had everyone from the earlier periods scratching their heads with disbelieve when he started explaining quantum gravity and black holes! It was all very surreal, as you can imagine.
Who is the most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Mary Poppins. She said that vodka has always had that affect on her – who would've guessed it!
Who is the last to leave?
Everyone leaves once the sun comes up. It isn't until I made my way back to the treehouse that I found The Dude asleep on the hammock in the garden room. Who knows how long he had been sleeping in there!
*all pictures courtesy of A Thought Is The Blossom


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