Nothing To Wear But Clothes, To Keep One From Going Nude

I really don't own a lot of nude/blush tone clothing, but I absolutely love this blouse I received from Nina of Family Affairs when I visited her in September. It's the perfect layering piece and so neutral it goes with absolutely everything. When I put together this outfit I couldn't help wondering what the blouse would look like with a similarly toned skirt. I'll have to stay on the look-out for something suitable. Head-to-toe nude tones would be a total departure for me, but I do like to experiment a bit style-wise.

This outfit came together slowly, even laboriously, but ultimately I'm happy with the outcome. Every time I force myself into a skirt and shirt combination I convince myself I'm going to wear more separates...then laziness ensues and I merely reach for the nearest dress...
Outfit details:
secondhand hat
OPI nail polish


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