Somewhere Between Sunrise And Sunset

I bought this dress last year after I saw it on Niotillfem and the dress reminded me of ice cream...I guess you can call this my "fan-girling" dress. It always makes me feel a bit too young and pastry-like, but I still like to throw it on occasionally for variety.

I don't divide my wardrobe into seasons and change what I wear based on the time of year. Obviously, when the weather gets colder I wear more tights, coats, and hats, but ultimately certain dresses for fall and others for summer doesn't make sense to me. This outfit might look nice on a summer's night, but I think it is equally sweet late in fall on a balmy day. Perhaps where I have lived is as much to blame. I spent much of spring and summer in tights and jackets in Washington State and here in Virginia with the very random weather patterns I find myself in light dresses one day and winter coats the next. Relative physical comfort is my only seasonal fashion rule...
Outfit details:
MaraisUSA flats
Bijules & secondhand rings


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