A Cloudless Day Like This, Can Set The Spirit Souring

Where has the time gone? January is speeding past me and sometimes I feel like I'm running in quicksand trying to keep up...but mostly I'm happy to let time flit by because there are so many exciting things coming. February is going to be a mad, mad month, but in a good way. With so much going on and so many possibilities for this year (still deep in debate over law school), sometimes I just step back from all the things I should be working on and just do something I enjoy. My sketchbook is filling up faster than it has in months and I keep shooting my silly stop motion videos. Both activities require concentration on the task at hand and nicely distracts my mind from my scrambling thoughts.

Outfit details:
secondhand belt
Dear Creatures dress



  1. You've turned your stop motion films into a true art form. No other blogger can do it quite like you can. Your shots are still better composed than most self-photographers, no, I correct myself: ALL OF THE SELF PHOTOGS. I don't know how you do it.

    Time is flowing by so quickly and I still haven't done much, but I'm happy time can pass quickly. It's the little things that make life happy.

    I am still more than in love with that coat.

    Here's to a great February, Rebecca! Keep us posted! I love seeing your journeys and that you take us along for the ride. Good luck with law school decision. It's not an easy, nor a light one to make casually. Especially when it can change the route of your entire life.

    Much love and hugs!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  2. If you do go to law school, you will be the best-dressed person there.

  3. Your trench and shoes are the cutest x

  4. I really love those shoes with that coat! I sometime wish I had someone to just make the big decisions for me. I would also like someone to find me my dream job. Apply and being rejected constantly gets annoying!! haha


  5. I really love the shoes, and they look comfy. The print on the coat is lovely.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. I thought that was a dress, but I suppose it's still too cold for galavanting around without a coat. Can you tell that spring is always on my mind?
    Regardless, that's some lovely layering & beautiful colours brought together.

  7. Love this look! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  8. Loving those shoes! And your stop motions aren't silly, they're wonderful and bring a nice difference to your blog. :)

    Holly And the Ivy

  9. I'm still amazed at how perfect that trench coat is. Floral and trench coats go together beautifully. I wish I was heading to nyc this February. It wasn't in the cards for me unfortunately. But september will be a different story:) have fun with your busy month!

  10. The photos are nicely taken! :)

    It is a good thing that your sketchbook is filling up faster and that you've been taking a lof of videos. It just means , ideas keep coming into you. Unlike me. :(

    Oh, did I mention that i Love your outfit? The dress and the shoes! <3

    Off-topic: I liked you Facebook fanpage, followed you at Tumblr; and if it's not too much to ask, I hope you do the same for me as well. Links can be found on my homepage ^_^

  11. I'd love to know how you get such great shots self-photgraphing yourself? Anyway I could convince you to share your secrets???

  12. lovely pictures :) i'd love to see some of your sketchbook :) x

  13. love those shoesies and the cowl! very cute!

    i wander, i wonder

  14. LOVE your shoes!! And your scarf looks so deliciously warm and cozy... Adorable as always! xx


  15. Very cute shoes ! I too adore doing stop motion movies!

  16. eeeeeeeeep! I love your shoes! I had some flat vintage mens oxfords in the same style that I wore to death! These would be their perfect girly counterparts!

  17. What a beautiful shoot. You take such lovely pictures. I just love your shoes.

  18. OMG!Your style is so...WOOOOW!And your blog...I can't find words to subscribe the things that you do,the're all so amazing!!!

    xx Tanja


  19. I remember one time...my business partner and I were thinking of resigning so we could focus on our business. It was just the first few weeks of january and we were already mulling stuff about not being able to do too much. We, people, tend to put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes. Realizing this, I just heard myself say to my partner, "Hey, it's just January. We still have almost the whole year to be amazing." :D

  20. I do that all the time. blogging is slowly becoming my biggest getaway from school and all this stuff I've been trying to accomplish. I understand exactly where you are coming from.

    Lovely trench :)

    ~Newscutouts from newscutouts.blogspot.com

  21. Amazing outfit!!!
    You look really cute!

  22. I love your little stop motion films, so I am glad that you're spending more time making them. They're so much fun to watch!

  23. i love this colour palette! so delicate.

    annah x

  24. Go to law school! And then you can come back and enjoy your freedom all over again. But it's so important that you further your education in that field. It's the honest advice I'd give to a friend anyway.

    Any chance we might get so see some pages from your sketchbook? Maybe Nasha could show us through it, oh that funny little Labbit.

  25. the outfit it incredible! i love the scraf, jacket combo. The perfect outfit for the beautiful setting behind you! Those shoes are amazing! I saw where they came form and right went out to buy them! I love the combination of the white and the navy blue tight. Such a great outfit!


  26. I just discovered your blog and it is very nice.
    I will come back more often, promise.
    Love your scarf by the way !


  27. souring...? did you mean 'soaring'?

  28. @Anonymous, haha, too right! that is a hilarious typo. hilarious!

  29. Hi Rebecca!

    I've been a blog lurker for quite some time because I just think the looks you put together are the best, the pictures you take are amazing, and the art you find is so intriguing! But this is my first time commenting.

    I hope this isn't too forward but I am a 3rd year law student and there is SO MUCH I wish I had known going in but didn't really have anyone to talk to. So I just wanted to reach out and say that if you wanted to know anyone anything or had any questions I would be happy to discuss anything with another burgeoning legal mind!

    b [dot] browning1 [at] gmail.com


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