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It is still a little too cold here for this type of outfit, but if I don't plan on spending much time outside I can't really be bothered with heavy winter coats or constricting gloves...and we're having snow flurries again! I also believe in mixing things up, so I abandoned my usual silhouette for the so-uncomfortable-pencil-skirt. Seriously, how does one wear a pencil skirt and then eat a half dozen peanut blossum cookies..? It's the sort of outfit that is good for variety, but definitely not what I would prefer to wear most days, although I do love the colors.

Outfit details:
UO bomber
pencil skirt
Yellowstone National Park gift shop necklace



  1. The top works really well with the skirt, and your glasses look great! x

  2. I love that photo with your hood up, very cute!

  3. Wow. That blouse is lovely, and the back is gorgeous x

  4. i really love the colour of your jacket, been looking for something like that for ages. when i wear pencil skirts (or tight high waisted trousers), i always forget that i can't really eat when wearing them or cycle - this causes me such inconvenience sometimes xx

  5. love the floral print shirt!
    love the jacket!
    i have to say your hair color is beautiful rich!! love it!
    love the boots too!
    great outfit!

  6. I so agree. I love the silhouette and the streamlined look of pencil skirts--in theory--but in reality, they're just not the right type of piece I'd like to wear that often. It doesn't feel right.

    Especially if, as you said, you eat ... ANYTHING.

    I love the type with the skirt, though.

    And I would kill to have warmer weather right now. The 2" of snow we got over night is driving me batty. More on the way today. Total of 4" on the ground... pretty awful. Pretty, but awful.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  7. I love that floral blouse, so pretty

  8. So cute! Love the jacket and the pencil skirt.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Take the Goodwill Huntingg Challenge!

  9. the answer to your question about wearing that skirt and eating cookies thing ever.
    (which of course you do not are beautiful!)

    it is snowing here in WV too..blah.
    that blouse is beautiful. the back of it is just lovely..perfect for your beautiful tattoos!
    have a great weekend.

  10. loving that awesome blouse and those killer booties. :)


  11. Goodness the colours of all these photos go so well with the outfit. so lovely. What fun indeed. I really am in love with those shoes too.

  12. Love the outfit and I totally agree about pencil skirts. Do you take your pictures yourself or does someone else take them for you?

  13. Haha I guess that's why when pencil skirts were in their heyday women were still wearing some serious serious undergarments. Love how all the pieces of this outfit come together

  14. @Babes in Thriftland, I take all my own picture: tripod + self-timer :) just like it says in my profile

  15. I would not be able to move in a skirt that tiny! But with your teeny frame, you pull it off well. :) Love how that blouse shows off your back tats!

  16. Hi Rebecca I love the outfit!! 2 questions Are you wearing new glasses, and how come you do not wear pastel colours anymore?

  17. It may not have been very comfortable, but the pencil skirt definitely looks great on you!

    x Courtney

  18. @Anonymous, no to the first question these glasses are more than a year old. And frankly, I don't know what you're talking about with the second one...I've never liked pastels (I am strangely emotional about certain colors/shades); so you'd have to share outfits with me that you think are pastels--I don't remember any. I haven't worn too many bright colors lately but that's probably weather making me moody & I want to wear neutrals this spring.
    I'm really glad you like this outfit though! :)

  19. Absolutely adore your floral blouse, it looks so lovely!

    Also LOVE A Woman is a Woman in your post below. It's my favourite Godard film (no.2 is Breathless). I love the end scene where they move the lamp in the bedroom to get different books in answer to one another!

  20. I love backless tops and I love when clothing highlights your tattoos. Great outfit!

  21. i like your header! It reminds me of summer.

  22. It's nice to break away from the usual on occasion. And you do it so well. The open back of the blouse is so lovely.

  23. You should wear glasses more often! It's nice to see another bifocalled lady out there!


  24. yessss! i have those shoes and i love them so so much! i will cry if they ever brake.
    just came across your blog. so happy to have done so :o)

  25. that is so CUTE!!!! I want it... good thing I don't know were you live!

  26. I always have major envy when you wear those booties! So great!


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