A Woman Is A Woman

Perhaps my favorite Jean-Luc Godard film is the lovely A Woman Is A Woman. Featuring Anna Karina it is classic french new wave with a nod to American musical comedies. It's a plotless love triangle centering on Angela (Karina) who desperately wants a child.

Instead of proactively resolving her relationship issues (Angela and the men in her life) prefers to trivialize matters by arguing through book titles or engaging in a contest of wits; making the film move from one absurdity to another. As playful as the characters that behave more like children than adults is the direction. The theatrical "fourth wall" is often broken as the actors address the camera or share a wink with the audience, and the characters even reference other films, including Godard's own Breathless.
While there are probably many more clever things to be said about the film, I would also just like to state somewhat flippantly that Anna Karina looks absolutely amazing in sailor costumes, red tights, and blue eye shadow. All of those items are rather difficult to style, but she wears them with ease. It's an inspiring stylish film to watch with a gorgeous palette dominated by reds and blues.
screencaps by me


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