Sadder Than The Owl Song

When I was little I had a lot of stuffed animals. Almost no dolls, just stuffed animals. As children are want to do, I played favorites with them. Some I would shower with attention and others I would ignore. This always led to a nagging sense of guilt and even fear that my neglected stuffed pets would be angry with me...all this to say: I feel this way about my purses now. I've collected so many purses over the years from vintage stores, thrift stores, markets, and the regular retailers. Some hang in a closet in the attic, others are lined up on shelves, or scattered around my room, and a very select few are actually used. Even this lovely owl purse which I bought at a market in Florence, Italy this past summer has only been taken out a few times. I almost reached for a basic grey purse to use this day, but the owl somberly eyed me up in my closet and made me feel too guilty to leave it there. Moral of the story? Don't anthropomorphise your purses...

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
UO dress
Target tights
Michael Kors gloves via StyleFind gift card
owl purse from a market in Florence, Italy
Buxom Lip Stick in Barcelona


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