Where Time Hovers Ghostlike

In case you didn't notice from last week's post featuring this dress, I'm in love with this little number. It's a great investment piece because there are so many ways to wear it and it has a timeless quality (plaid will always come back in style). I especially enjoy how it looks with my bright tights and heeled oxfords; perhaps a little Nancy Drew-ish?

I certainly feel as if I could be in some mystery novel when I meandering through the moat wall. It's such a curious space that seems to belong more to a story than reality. With the sun bouncing off the water outside and casting ghostlike patterns on the ceiling and walls there's an added surreal quality to the space.
P.S. A peek at last week's remix.



  1. Yeah, it is very Nancy Drew, wich is not bad at all, is very good.
    I was about to tell you that with those bright tights look so good. Heeled oxfords are my favourite shoes.
    And I like the mix pattern with that coat.
    Oh! and that place goes so good with the patterns and colors of the dress.

  2. Definitely Nancy Drew or maybe a bit of Velma from Scooby Doo :)

  3. I've never really had the urge to go explore America. Since I've started reading blog I've really enjoyed seeing the unique little spots everyone has in there backyards. I'm starting to think I NEED to explore the US more!

    Also I love the collar of that dress. Lovely as usual!


  4. What a great photoshoot! You find the best places to take photos! Fabulous re-remix teehee.



  5. There's something so perfect about places with plenty of light, that speak in the wind of stories untold, that speak of stories that exist only in other realities, filled with happy, guarded secrets.

    That moat wall is so enchanted. Yet it's not the kind of enchanted that makes you want to run and hide and bring lots of magical lanterns to light your way.

    I love it.

    And there is something so Beatles-esque with your poses here. :) Love it.

    And yes, that dress, in come-back-plaid, is absolutely timeless as ever.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  6. The outfit looks so sweet, and the location is fantastic!

  7. Whenever does Plaid ever go OUT of style??? This dress is really versatile.....love all the ways you wore it in! :)

    P.S.: love the color of your tights & nail paint! :))

  8. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a Nancy Drew book that took place in a moat. They've been in caves, lagoons, ect.

    You look so cute in those bright orange tights. I think that's the only color missing from my tights collection.

  9. This really IS the perfect location, and it looks like you're ready to tackle some questionable mysteries in style. I absolutely love the last photo in particular, you look mysterious yourself!

    And Nancy Drew reminded me of these hilarious comics, I don't know if you've seen them already.

    Toast with Charmalade

  10. The look is amazing with the red tights. And the moat wall is such a great location for your photoshoots, it's truly one of my favourites of yours from Virginia.

  11. I love it when you remix pieces and create new outfits. You really inspired me a lot in terms of coming up with ideas of how to wear a piece of clothing differently. but of course, I am no where near as brilliant in it as you!

  12. Love the outfit and the setting!

    K xx


  13. love the orange tights and this location is amazing everytime :) xo

  14. what an amazing location! i love the orange tights. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  15. These pictures are brilliant. Love the tights!!!

  16. you take amazing photographs for someone takes them all herself

  17. you take amazing photographs for someone takes them all herself

  18. These photos are especially amazing looking. Totally feeling the Nancy Drew vibes with this dress, but I especially like it with the yellow tights.

  19. This dress is so very pretty!

  20. wow this is a great place to take pictures..
    love the plaid dress!

  21. what a very unique location. I love it. Really adds to the design details in your dress. beautiful remix.

  22. I noticed that all of your shoes are fantastic.. Love you style :)



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