Posing In Lincoln Center

Roommates are a life-saver during fashion week. On a typical day I do all my blog work alone; I take my pictures while wandering around by myself, go home and edit and put together a post (attempt to proofread it myself), etc. Fashion week is a whole other animal and having someone motivate you to get up in the morning, share a cab ride with you to Lincoln Center or Milk Studios, and then also take your outfit picture for you...completely amazing. My roommate, Erin was even kind enough to lend me her coat one day when I was short an outfit (it all balanced out when she borrowed my dress another day!).

The coat ended up being perfect for the weather and our trip to Lauren Moffatt's studio. I like this coat so much I'm tempted to buy it for myself, but after seeing her new collection which won't be out for awhile I think I need to start saving my pennies. I was blown away by so many of the pieces and each had wonderful details that were fantastic to see in person. I took pictures at the studio, so I'll be sure to share those as soon as I have some down time.
Outfit details:
Lauren Moffatt coat borrowed from Erin
vintage dress
We Love Colors tights
*pictures by Erin



  1. love it. love, love. mustard tights kill me. being at work also kills me, but in the total opposite way that mustard tights kill me. i haven't had coffee yet.

  2. that coat is beautiful! i would definitely understand if you cried a little giving it back to erin! :)

  3. oooo my goodness! this coat is soooooooo amazing.

    are those buttons at the top of it?
    what are they made out of? they look wicked.

    i love that you paired the yellow tights with the little big of orange trim on the coat. so hot right now.


  4. I love this look, it is my favourite of yours from fashion week so far. The coat is indeed gorgeous!

  5. YOU were short an OUTFIT???


    I guess you're smart and pack light, but I do not. I never could.

    This is really the cutest coat, and I really think you pull it off perfectly with the mustard tights and tan shoes.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  6. Really digging the sea foam green nail polish.

  7. What are friends for! What a gorgeous coat. I literally gasped as soon as the picture loaded! (Slow connection in rural Essex today!!)
    You look like you're having a fab time. Brill!

  8. Love the coat and adore the pop of color with the tights! not to mention your heidi braids... ahhhhh


  9. oh my! thats a gorgeous coat!!!!! i love it!

  10. love how lovely and edgy the coat is. Also the tights give that little something to the entire outfit, contrast!
    Love it.

  11. That coat is perfect on you, the piping reminds me of cathedral windows- so well designed and a lovely addition.

  12. that coat is INCREDIBLE! It made my heart beat a little bit faster :) You look great in it!

  13. The coat + those tights = perfection :)

    x Courtney

  14. Everything about this outfit is adorable!!!

    1. That hairstyle is the cutest

    2. I love mustard tights. Mustard is my favorite color. And food. (if it counts as a food)

    3. That coat is REALLY cool! Looks perfect w the yellow tights and you need to go buy it right now =p

  15. I love how you have done your hair and I admire your ability to pull off brightly coloured tights - I can never seem to manage that!
    Teenage Daydreams

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, that coat is stunning
    How great that you have such fun friends to rely on, with such good taste!

  17. love the coat - nice nice - nice color!

  18. Love love love the yellow tights with the orange accent in the coat, and the coat itself. So cute!

  19. Your roommate has good taste. That coat is amazing. Too bad you can't just live with another fashion blogger. I bet it would make things a little easier.
    My Heart Blogged

  20. I am a huge lover of mustard tights! I wear them quite often! I love how minimalistic this outfit post it. The coat is so darling and you look lovely as always!

    Also, question: How do you do your hair like that? It's so lovely! I would like to expand my knowledge and try new hairstyles!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  21. i'm loving the mustard yellow tights!

    for some reason i'm actually into mustard yellow right now! cute jacket!!

    check out blog and hope you follow!<3


  22. I wish I could see the dress underneath, I can only imagine that's is just as fabulous as the rest of the outfit!


  23. omg you're always so stunning

  24. What an adorable coat and I love your tights! How fun! It's fun to see/hear about all of the fun you girls had in NYC. Thanks for sharing :)

    lindsay living

  25. I must say that I love the orange piping and the oversized gold buttons on your borrowed grey coat. It is absolutely stunning. Especially paired with those mustard colored tights. Real WOW power!

  26. That coat is amazing! I haven't seen anything like it before!

    Embracing Style

  27. This is darling!

    I, too, was in NY last week and was thinking how wonderful it was to have a Veronika (Tick Tock Vintage) help me with photos and to lend me a skirt when I was at a loss over the contents of my suitcase.


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