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I wore this outfit to the grocery store and kept getting the strangest looks. I was very tempted to make funny faces back at them. Even if you think my outfit (or me) is abnormal and stare-worthy, couldn't you at least attempt to be discreet about it? Whatever, I have a lovely new bag from my sponsor Spotted Moth so a few weird faces aren't going to ruin my mood! The satchel trend is going strong and I can't seem to get enough of it. What really appealed to me about this bag was the versatile stone shade (not quite beige and not quite grey); it's really going to go with so many different outfits.

Outfit details:
ASOS coat
secondhand scarf
ASOS dress
glitter tights bought when I was in Japan (years ago!)



  1. I love the colour of this dress its really cute and also love your coat


  2. Love the whole color scheme :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. you look like such a chic 1960s traveler, the cut of the coat is amazing.

  4. I love this outfit! Such a chic vintage look to it and that dress is fantastic! <3

    I don't know how you manage to find such lovely dresses - I always have a terrible time. I guess part of that is because I'm picky about the length of the dresses I wear. :(

    ~ Katie

  5. I love this look, and I love the satchel, I'm quite obsessed with them right now.
    Once I was stared at (shamelessly) for wearing a bright blue beret, I was just thinking "wtf?? if you find it weird please keep it for yourselves will you?", some people are just plain rude.

  6. If where you live in VA is anything like where I lived in VA, people stare because they notice something different and unique, and because you actually put effort into what you're wearing, which I'm sure intimidates some people. Don't worry about them! I do, however, fully support making funny faces back at them. :)

  7. The first picture is magnificent!
    Maybe you could just wave and smile at them, haha. I love your outfit, again.. So lady-like and well put together :)

  8. I don't see any reason for people to stare at you other than that you look fabulous and they were probably just slightly jealous of your look and wanted to know where they could get those clothes from.


  9. I would like to order from ASOS but haven't yet. How do their clothes run, in your opinion?

    Gotta love people that stare!! I think the whole look is very nice!

  10. i love your outfit. and the color of ur dress is pretty.


  11. Haters to the left, please. Hahaha, all lame jokes aside, I personally don't even think that this outfit is that much of an anomaly! I mean, in a good way. It's quite classic, I think. But then, I probably have a blogger bias here. :D

    The satchel IS a nice versatile shade, and I also like the shades of light yellow going on with the tights/shoes.

    Toast with Charmalade

  12. This outfit's so cute, I don't understand why anyone would hate on it. :(

  13. you look so nautical
    love the dress with the scarf..
    and the gold shoes - pretty!

  14. I wonder if they were staring because it isn't often that you see someone dressed so nice (or at least where I come from) to go to the market? :) It always catches my eye when I see someone dressed to the nines (in a good way!) although I try not to be so obvious about it and half the time I'm trying to work up the nerve to compliment them on their outfit. Personally, I wish everyone took as much care and time into their outfits. :)

    You look lovely and I wish I had even half of your fashion sense! :)

  15. I agree with Kasey -- I don't think this outfit would offend anyone! It's not crazy, it's just very cute and polished.

  16. This outfit is so so so cute! I'm sure they were just staring because you are so beautiful!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
    My Vintage Handbag Line

  17. Love the cobalt!

    xo thefashionguitar

  18. I wanted that bag so badly! It is super cute and I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it!

  19. I love the royal blue 60's inspired scooter dress with your second hand red and blue scarf. SUPER CHIC! Those metallic oxfords are so awe inspiringly gorgeous.

  20. What a super lovely outfit.Make me want to wear dresses and bright colours,and generally make more of an effort into happy vibe outfits.

    I've definatley had the occasional weird look,but in a way,I like it.Not because I'm terribly vain,but more so because it means I get used to it,and no longer get angry or feel uncomfortable about it.

  21. They were def giving you looks bc your outfit is adorable! I feel awk when I get funny looks, too, but I am learning to just smile and keep on walking :) Keep your chin up!

  22. oh my goodness I absolutely adore this look. I actually think if I were wearing it I'd never take off the coat as it looks so lovely belted and with the scarf. Can't imagine why you would get weird looks for it though.

    I imagine people are simply used to seeing outfits that aren't particularly eye catching. They couldn't help but stare ;')

  23. People can be so weird sometimes. If I saw someone dressed as well as you, I'd definitely chat them up (instead of gawking).
    I love the twirl photo! Twirly dresses & skirts are the best!
    I'm wearing glitter tights today too. They make me think of warm weather & wishing for fun summer nights.

  24. This post made me laugh a bit, since I am always wearing skirts and heels to the grocery store, and I've gotten many odd looks for it! I recently moved to a college town, and my apartment is mere blocks away from campus so the store is overrun by girls in sweats or leggings and hoodies! And, of course, the ubiquitous Uggs, staple of every students wardrobe. The funny thing is, I see lots of girls dressed up, or wearing cute hipsterish outfits everywhere else I go, but it's like no one goes to the grocery store unless they've put on their shlubbiest clothes.


  25. I love your cute blue dress!
    visit me:

  26. Your dress is so pretty and love the coat too!

  27. oooh, i love that bag rebecca! and the scarf is lovely, too.

    i wander, i wonder

  28. I sure those people were staring awe at how lovely your outfit is! :D


  29. I think that people these days have gotten so casual that whenever they see someone in so much as a dress they think "why are you so dressed up". 30 years ago, it was perfectly normal to go to the grocery store in a dress, but today, if anyone puts a bit of effort into the way they look everyone stares. I happen to get these looks also, because I don't leave the house in sweatpants.

    anywho, I really love this outfit! The colors go together perfectly and that bag really is great! I'd stare at you because you look adorable!

    - Jessica

  30. Love the blue and red color combo. Beautiful!

  31. I don't really understand why anyone would stare for that reason, because this outfit doesn't look strange at all to me.
    It's very cute :) (and I love the scarf)

    x Courtney

  32. i just love how well you wear colours, this blue dress is so beautiful with those tights and your hair

  33. I really like this outfit! I think your style is amazing and I wish I had the creativity to come up with stuff like this. I bet the people in the grocery shop were just jealous and couldn't help but stare, whenever I see a style I'm envious of its very difficult for me to look away. x

  34. I'm guessing the "looks" were from pure jealousy. Because I was thinking how absolutely adorable you are in that outfit! I LOVE that new bag too btw!

  35. When you get used to it, strangest looks are the best. It means that you look different from the rest, you're not wearing a uniform like everyone else. And answer that looks with funny faces, or looking back asking with your eyes "what? there's something funny in my face?" and they look away a liitle bit ashamed, it's funny.
    I would look at you, but just because you look awesome! I tend to do that, when I saw someone who looks amazing, I look at her or him like a stupid.
    Love you new bag BTW.


  36. You look good! The scarf is delightful. I often get strange looks or even laughs, but at least I'm giving people a little bit of entertainment.

  37. oh my goodness that toadstool style beret below is so amazing!! my mum makes hand made felt and felt hats and bags so ive ordered her to try and make me one like this!! :) xo

  38. Those were clearly looks of awe and envy that you can look so chic while out on a mundane errand. Keep up the good work!

  39. You look like a particularly stylish stewardess! I've always thought they were quite fabulous when I was a kid. The dress has the greatest shape!

  40. Deary, I live in Germany and all the sweet (well meaning) Germans have a staring problem. That means in the midst of a lovely, happy outfit, one is accosted by looks of pure disdain or random wonderment. I guess I'm used to it now, but I still think it just isn't right. You look lovely! And your re hair is fab. When visiting Germany- Be Warned!

  41. oh that coat is all kinds of awesome!!!! i bet the folks at the grocery were just trying to figure out where they could get one just as incredible :)

  42. I have the "fox fur" color of the same dress from Asos, don't you just love the fit? It looks darling on you, and that messenger bag is adorable. Beautiful photos.

    much love.

  43. I have the loudest floral print shirt and whenever I wear it people smile at me. I cant tell if there laughing at me or if my shirt just makes them really happy! Either way it makes me happy so I wear it! The satchel is growing on me but I'm afraid I will fill it to the brim and it would weigh a ton for me to carry around!


  44. I love your outfit! Especially the glitter tights! I'm sure those people were just staring cause they were super jealous they didn't have glitter tights like that ;)


  45. AMAZING scarf!! Also, I can't believe you edit and take all of your pictures yourself--so impressive!


  46. You look adorable!! I wouldn't worry about the grocery store stares - i get them alllll the time. Just cos everyone else is wearing sweats doesnt' mean you have to :) xoxo

  47. Gold shoes have a tendency to turn heads. You are so lucky that where you live there isn't snow all over the ground. Chicago is COLD as heck right now.

    Trés Awesome
    Chicago Street Style

  48. My guess is that people were staring because you looked so lovely and well put-together, and they were admiring your outfit!
    As I get older I'm more likely to verbalise a compliment to a stranger, but when I was younger I was too shy, and probably would have just looked also, albeit I would have been discreet about it!

  49. It must've been the sparkly tights (which I am totally coveting by the way)! I looove you little "primary" look - very chic and sophisticated. And yes, that satchel is incredible. <3

    You always look so graceful in your moving shots. Reminds me of your old poses; how they brought out the ballerina in you. (:

  50. i really don't understand why you would get funny looks in this - you look perfectly elegant and beautiful! people are funny sometimes...

  51. thought ur outfit is very chic.. prob that's why people were staring..

  52. I'm sure I'm echoing so many of your commenters here, but why ever would you get strange looks for looking polished, professional and chic? This is by no means an outlandish outfit, so why would people stare? It's strange that people in the East would have such provincial mindsets.

    I guess it's everywhere. Even where I grew up in Southern California, anything not T-shirty, flip-floppy or cut-offy is outlandish. Why should I feel strange wearing heels and red lip? I don't. It's the starers who are weird, to me, in that they don't take more pride in their appearance, bodies and confidence.

    And yes, that bag is milky goodness.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  53. A single comment can't contain how much I love this outfit. The color and silhouette of the dress is so lovely, and I love the tights and oxfords together. Is there any chance we could find out which specific ASOS dress this is? And how it runs? I've never ordered from ASOS and would like to, but I've been a little afraid, not used to the sizing and whatnot.

    And as for people staring, I think it's super refreshing when I see someone dressed up. Everything is so casual and even sloppy nowadays, that it just makes me smile when I see someone put some effort into what they wear. So keep looking pretty and ignore the haters.

  54. This outfit reminds me of stewardess dresses. Really awesome job in putting it together.

    I'm used to people staring. never bothered me. I was called "the weird girl" since I was 7. So I adjusted. Most people actually will ask me why I am taking photos of myself. It's fun.

  55. People were obviously staring at you because you look gorgeous! They probably thought you were a visiting model or actress. This is what happens when you were fashion-y clothes to the grocery store; happens to me all the time! :)

  56. I'm tempted to make faces at people that stare at me too, haha. Really like your outfit though!

  57. That's so odd that people would be staring like that, it's an adorable outfit! I'm always kind of afraid to experiment with my style because of "people". But really...who gives a hoot?


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