Akris Fall 2011

For fall 2011 Akris took inspiration from a few of my favorite things and produced a minimalist collection that is simply gorgeous.

The Vienna Secession (also known as the Union of Austrian Artists) was a group of artists founded in 1897. Although the artists did not share one defining style, they were united by a rejection of historicism. Above the entrance of the Secession building, an icon of the movement, it is written "to every age its art and to art its freedom." The architect of that hall, Olbrich also lended inspiration to Akris with his Wedding Tower. Olbrich's pre-Art Nouveau style might not be obvious in the lines of the Akris collection, but a photograph of his Wedding Tower appeared in a bold print on a dress and cloak in the collection.
The entire palette for the collection was pulled from that photograph and couldn't be more appropriate for fall. Rich jewel tones are made even bolder in monochromatic outfits that make a statement without sacrificing wearability. The Akris woman makes a subtle statement with an emphasis on quality and only a cautious nod to the trends, but I'm also certain she leaves a lasting impression.

collage pictures via Style.com


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