April Showers Bring May Flowers

Taking pictures in the rain is always difficult and makes me nervous (how much rain can my camera handle?). However, I've been wanting to get some pictures using the reflections in puddles and I'm so glad I finally had the opportunity on a day when it was more misty than a downpour. It was still rather headache-inducing, but the photographs do capture the greyness of the day. One does hope that this weather will bring flowers and greenness as the old saying promises.

Outfit details:
Big Fish umbrella
vintage dress
Target tights
Seychelles booties



  1. I'm loving these pics! I've actually been planning to do something very similar for some time now, but since I bought my Hunter boots it doesn't want to rain anymore! :D


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  2. you are brave! i always am so nervous taking pics in the rain! your umbrella is adorable :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Love the reflection shot and I am in love with your umbrella!

  4. Hi Rebecca you must be a very optimistic person beause your smiling so brightly even when it is raining. Great outfit!!
    Picnic at Hanging Rock is a great movie!! Have you ever seen Dangerous Liaisons?? Its a great movie!!

  5. What an adorable rainy day outfit! The goldfish print umbrella is super cute.

    much love.

  6. Super cute rainy day outfit! I'm in love with your umbrella, I feel like I need to find one for myself now.

  7. That umbrella is adorable! I love a cute umbrella! I live in California now, so not many opportunities to use an umbrella.

  8. Wow, your umbrella is great! And so are those plum tights! Great for a rainy day! <3

    A plus,

  9. love outfit
    you are adorable!


  10. Oh my God this coat and the umbrella are to die for! I need to steal them from you, aawww CUTE ;D

  11. love your rainy day look!
    the umbrella is fantastic!


  12. These photos are gorgeous. I like your idea of doing it on a misty day so that the essential mood is still captured but the camera and outfit is not ruined due to the rain.

    You look perfectly dreamy. :) Now that I think of it, I think that is your signature look.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  13. these pictures are beautiful! i love your trench, and that cute umbrella makes quite the accessory!

  14. Rebecca,
    Your blog is one of my favorites! I love coming to see your daily outfits and you have such a good eye for photography. I miss your old banner, though! This one is nice and simple and I can understand the need for a change, but I hope a new one is coming soon!

  15. I bought one of these umbrellas! I haven't had the chance to use it yet though! I love your trench, fish and birds are my among some of my favorite things.

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  16. Loving that umbrella. You look super cute (and dry!)

  17. I love the umbrella so much. Maybe you can get a little umbrella for your camera.
    My Heart Blogged

  18. Love love love the reflection idea.... and the umbrella of course. :-)

  19. @Anonymous 8:59PM, I haven't seen Dangerous Liasons yet, but I've heard good things. Maybe I'll add it to my Netflix queue. I don't think I'm particularly optimistic, but rain definitely doesn't get me down...not after living in Washington State anyway!

  20. @Anonymous 1:34PM, I like the old banner too! It doesn't fit with my new layout & I have no plans for a few banner right now...I think I'd like one, but I'm not very good at graphic design (I don't have a good program for it), so it's not in the works right now.

  21. I adore the last photo! I've always wanted one of those extra-cuppy (is that how to describe it?) umbrellas. And the wine-colored tights really make the outfit for me. Much admiration...

    xo Julia

  22. You are so adorable! You're making a rainy day look like the opposite. You find the greatest patterned pieces!

  23. The first photo is simply gorgeous and in the one with the umbrella over your head I'm seeing the Morton Salt girl.

  24. Such a cute rain outfit! :) I really like the puddle reflections, too

  25. You have one of the best blogs out there. I always visit both your personal blog as well as your tumblr.

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  26. Delightful interview! She has amazing style. I'll have to check out her blog. I've been eyeing your Mod Cloth coat for a bit now since I saw it on your blog. It's adorable. I just might have to get my own.

  27. You look perfect for the weather! I love the brolly it's so cute. I also want to do some rain pictures!

  28. That umbrella might just be the cutest one ever. Also - I really love the effect you achieved with the reflection shots! Really cool!

  29. Absolutely satisfying photos. Thank you.


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