Blow Me Away

The first picture here is the best illustration of what happens to me most days when I wear my hair down. Lately, I feel like Cousin It and not because my hair is long, but since it always seems to get in the way and blow straight into my face. I swear it's causing vision problems. The solution of course is to wear it up, but that does get old after awhile. Living so close to the water means pretty much every day is breezy and I've found my skirts getting longer (to prevent Marilyn moments) and my hair getting styled up more as a result. Even living somewhere as lovely as this has its downsides; in Washington there was the nearly daily rainfall and here it's wind. I feel a little like Goldilocks searching for that perfect mixture...

However, I am super-excited about today's outfit. The denim jacket has made this lacy dress seem so much more normal for day wear. I think I'll be wearing this jacket a lot since it makes outfits that are otherwise fancy seem more casual. My new red wedges from Modcloth were the perfect finishing touch on our sunny, windy day. The shoes are super comfortable and easy to walk in, so another piece I intend to wear often this summer.
Outfit details:
vintage dress


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