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The first picture here is the best illustration of what happens to me most days when I wear my hair down. Lately, I feel like Cousin It and not because my hair is long, but since it always seems to get in the way and blow straight into my face. I swear it's causing vision problems. The solution of course is to wear it up, but that does get old after awhile. Living so close to the water means pretty much every day is breezy and I've found my skirts getting longer (to prevent Marilyn moments) and my hair getting styled up more as a result. Even living somewhere as lovely as this has its downsides; in Washington there was the nearly daily rainfall and here it's wind. I feel a little like Goldilocks searching for that perfect mixture...

However, I am super-excited about today's outfit. The denim jacket has made this lacy dress seem so much more normal for day wear. I think I'll be wearing this jacket a lot since it makes outfits that are otherwise fancy seem more casual. My new red wedges from Modcloth were the perfect finishing touch on our sunny, windy day. The shoes are super comfortable and easy to walk in, so another piece I intend to wear often this summer.
Outfit details:
vintage dress



  1. Love the wedges! Where were these photographs taken? I live in Vancouver and I drive down to Washington quite often. Would love to go see it sometime. xox


  2. I have the exact same problem. Living near the sea can be great, but for sure, it has its downsides: wind being one of them.
    I have had quite a few Marilyn moments myself.
    You look lovely in these pictures.

  3. your hair is so pretty! love your red shoes!

    <3 steffy
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  4. Those wedges are fantastic! Your hair looks so pretty blowing in the wind -- makes for very dramatic photos. I'd rather have wind than light rain any day for sure, though I did love your Washington landscape scenery.

  5. As I've said before, I absolutely adore that jacket!

  6. lol i know whatyou mean about the hair . i always think its going to be great to shoot while its windy so i my hair will look windblown and pretty butb it mostly ruins my pictures

  7. I love this outfit!
    The red shoes are perfect.

  8. I hate when wind cramps my style! But you still look amazing, and I love those shoes! XOXO,

  9. love your dress

  10. I am so glad you said cousin it! That is what I always say when my hair starts driving me nuts in the wind. It was for that reason that I cut it all off (down to an inch!) a few years ago.
    I love the shoes. I am obsessing over high sandals recentingly. Summer dreaming I think.

  11. totally loving those wedges!

    Now that my hair is long too, Im having similar cousin it moments! I'm also getting my hair stuck in chairs and places they've never got stuck before. so frustrating!

  12. this outfit is gorgeous Rebecca- I really love your vintage dress and the red shoes go so well with it

    XX Ilana

  13. I love the denim jacket, you're right about it making things more casual. It works.

  14. That dress! Those shoes! Love them!

  15. I love the dress, and the wedges look perfect with this.
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  16. your dress is really cute, your shoes have an asowme color! :) and you look pretty nice! congrat my friend becky

  17. To live seaside is so invigorating.
    The sea can be so soothing - and I just adore the strong winds when seaside - although not ideal for fotoshooting. I adore your wedges.
    And you look charming in warm sunshine;-)

  18. This dress is amazing! I've been looking for something like this for a few mounth now (no luck)))

    And wanted to tell you that I really like your blog. Have been following it for a while, and I really want to find some time to look through evry page - your outfits are amazing)

  19. Hi Rebecca,

    I love your red shoes. They definitely bound to make any outfit pop!

    Embracing Style

  20. What a beautiful summer outfit!


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