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A rather obvious constant in my wardrobe is a lack of separates. I do occasionally wear skirts and blouses and in even more rare instances, shorts or pants (trousers). I just find dresses so much more comfortable and easy to wear than the other options. However, separates definitely can make for more interesting outfits. Best of both worlds? Dresses like this one that are one piece but gives the illusion of separates.

On days like this one when the weather was glorious and the wind was gentle for once, I spend almost all my day outside. The beach is a nice place for a walk, but I spend more time on our front porch where I miraculously get Internet...although I do spend more time reading and daydreaming than answering the e-mails I know I ought to...

Outfit details:
ASOS cateye sunglasses
UO bomber jacket
Marais USA flats
necklace via Stadium Swapmeet



  1. I have a hard time with separates. It seems like I'm constantly looking for new blouses and skirts!

    This is lovely :D

  2. This outfit is very nice and romantic, I like it very much! Your blog is great, I am following it, hope you can follow me back!

  3. I love when your pictures move! The picture with your skirt bowing in the wind is so pretty!

  4. I noticed that. Hardly any separates at all.

    But that's the charm of your wardrobe. You know how to change things up even if your base outfit is a single piece.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  5. i am loving that brown jacket it is so adorable! and the bows on the end of your shoes... precious!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. I wouldn't have known that was a dress! I struggle with separates too- it's so easy just to throw a dress on and not keep having to pull bits of your outfit up or down

  7. ooohhh! I love that it's separates! I actually have the opposite problem. I am too tall for most dresses in my size and the next size up is too big, AND I suck at following through with alterations.
    Anyway - you look amazing, as usual! I love your girly style!

  8. lovely dress!i love the bottom part because it makes it suitable to wear it also in the evening!

  9. I am totally enamored with your animal print dress and those Asos cat eye shades!
    much love.

  10. So pretty! And I love how you do those moving pictures like the one in this post, so cool! XOXO,

  11. Gorgeous skirt!


  12. I envy the place you live! You always have such beautiful nature-y photos...must give much inspiration to your adorable wardrobe choices! :D

  13. Very cute piece! I really enjoy the mix of fabrics.

  14. I'm always looking for dresses-like-separates! The only one I've found is a weirdly shaped drop-waist and I've only worn it a couple of times because I always end up buttoning a cardigan over it to make it less strangely proportioned...I adore this dress and I'm jealous of your Virginia locale -- I miss my home :/


  15. I had the same problem! I had like a billion dresses! When I moved to San Fran I found it too cold at first to wear cute dresses that I stocked up on pants but then I had no tops to wear them with!

  16. I only have a few dresses, and I work with a lot more separates. I love the print on the skirt. It's a little different for you, and fun.
    My Heart Blogged

  17. omg, i loved this outfit, gorgeus really.
    nice blog :)

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  18. cute outfit. that bomber jacket is very cool.

  19. I also love the collage/photography artwork you spotlighted. good stuff!

  20. love the dress. She always looks so elegant.


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