Souvenirs Are Perishable, Memories Are Not

I didn't buy much (besides food and train tickets) during my brief jaunt to Spain and Italy. A few gifts were thoughtfully chosen for select friends and family, but for myself I was happier to walk away with a couple of memory cards full of pictures and one small illustration by a street artist. My friend did lure me into an H&M while we were in Barcelona and there I couldn't resist this happy dress (aren't the colors too cheery?). One of the exceptions of my usual dislike of the color pink is when it is obnoxiously paired with red or orange. A dress from H&M is hardly a proper souvenir from Barcelona, but I bought it there and wore it in Venice. Perhaps it isn't very traditional, or even a special piece, but I can wear it again and again and relive a portion of my memories from my trip every time...

Outfit details:
H&M dress
white slip-ons


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