Which Alters When It Alteration Finds

My lovely sponsor The Attic People sent me this awesome vintage denim dress. I've been wearing loads of red this summer, so I love the little details on this dress. Vintage pieces always seem to have the best details. I was inspired to chop the dress into a mini after watching this video about Elizabeth Spiridakis's (Feels Like White Lightning) style. She doesn't really talk about minis in the video, but she often wears them with colorful tights and crazy shoes. Some people are quite sensitive about customizing vintage, but I'm a firm believer in making changes to your clothes if it means you will wear them more. Although, I might have hemmed it a tad too short for my tastes. I'll probably be adding a few inches back at some point! Still, it's a really fun little dress and we even had cooler weather for a day, so I was able to style it with tights. The whole ensemble reminds me of how I used to dress...in kindergarten.
Outfit details:
Tabio tights


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