Belmead On The James

After reading about Belmead on the James on National Geographic's site as one of the 11 most endangered US historic sites, my mother and I decided to pay it a visit. It was rather difficult to find, but worth the hunt and we were greeted upon arrival by two very friendly nuns. It was far too hot to do much exploration of the grounds, but we quite enjoyed the glimpse we did get. It's sad that this place and others like it are falling into disrepair and disappearing...

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  1. those shoes are the most darling things. and that dress is solid stand-by. looks great with those campbells and also the seychelles you've paired with it. fab job!

  2. It looks like such a pretty location, such a shame places like this are disregarded nowadays. I always like to imagine them when they were in their prime!

    Gorgeous outfit, the dress is lovely and suits you to a tea!

  3. Re: the endangered historical sites — how fascinating, and yet tragic! I've always held a soft spot for historical sites (or just anywhere relatively old), and it's sad to think of these places disappearing. I'm glad you and your mother got to visit Belmead-on-the-James. It sounds like somewhere I would like to see, if ever given the chance!

    Also, cute dress! I like the pattern!

  4. Such pretty pictures! I like the print of your dress, it feels southwesternish.

  5. Hi, I've been following your blog for quite awhile and it's seems like pretty much all the comments I've ever seen are left by females. I just wanted to say that as a guy and a fan of the movies of the 30's-50's that I really love seeing fashion showing modern girls looking like ladies of style and grace.
    I think your photography skill is amazing as well. Here, the two photos of your twirl and pose are incredibly adorable.
    Keep it up. It is appreciated.

  6. The print of this dress is so adorable.

    So sad that people are not taking care of it! I have a soft spot for historical sites and seeing that places like that is disappering, is such a shame. I am glad you go to see it though.

  7. i just love visiting historic sights. its practically all i do when i travel! again, love love love the shoes.

  8. Wonderful location, first and foremost! And also, how wonderfully that dress goes with your hair; I hadn't noticed before. : )

  9. I've never heard of this, which is weird because I consider myself an unofficial authority on Virginia history. I'm definitely going to check this out.
    You look adorable.

  10. That looks like such a neat place! I really love your dress too and how nice it looks against the scenery.

  11. Love the location. I've always like endangered or hidden historic, natural places. Most are worth seeing & many times more interesting than some "big" turistic places.

  12. YOU LOOK AMAZING. I love your shoes, they're absolutely perfect.


  13. I just love you.

    That is all.

    I hope this doesn't sound creepy.

    I apologize for its creepiness.

  14. I just went through a couple pages of your blog and I gotta say, I love your outfits. So pretty, clean and fresh.


    This is a set of photos I did inside the mansion at Belmead.

    Friends of mine own a Bed and Breakfast in Powhatan and are very close with the Nuns.

    Visit Belmead or if you ever want a tour, look up The Inn at Three Bridge and tell Sally or Jack I sent you =)

  16. That sounds like an adventure! I love exploring local places. Your outfit is perfection, probably my favorite this summer! I'm using the possibility of buying those shoes as a reward for successfully completing training for cross country, if I can find them by then!

  17. This dress is such a pretty dress, I love the fabric.

  18. Wow, it looks so beautiful there. It reminds me of a similar place we have here in Ausralia :) I also really love those shoes! aahiudh, soo much!

  19. Nice pics! I really love this outfit!! Like your blog too!! =D

    Please, visit my blog
    XO, Sammy

  20. This is folly. I am a graduate of SEMA. The picture was taken at the "New Boys Club". How Dare you want to preserve Cooke's house built by slaves but rather, destroy the Chaple and the Water Tower. These structures show dedictrion and commitement ever under simi-slavery and now you want to obliterate that with some "hippie chick". This is not cool. The Water Tower was built to honor General Morrel and his wife. That was demolihed, as well, yet (built by slaves or students at Belmeade and Mt. Plesant (Saint Francis de Sales Convent) in Powhatan. Have you forgotten or lost sight to which the Morrels stood. What about the Indians who lived there. Where are they? One must wonder: When will it end?

  21. @Anonymous, did you read my post? I read about this site on National Geographic--I don't wish to save it more than some other property or place, I just think it's sad this one is disappearing. I'm also not remotely involved in helping this site or choosing demolition for another--I gave the sisters at Belmead $20 for my visit, I doubt that will go far in preserving anything but since I'm not independently wealthy there's not much else I can do. I'm not here trying to "save" Belmead either, I visited and I took pictures. I wish many historic buildings were being preserved all over the country let alone in this area of VA, but I by no means have a say in the matter. This is just a post by someone who visited Belmead, it isn't a statement towards this place's worth over something else.


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