Tomorrow Is Cast Into The Oven

J Brand asked me if I would like a pair of their haute hues collection and silly me, I accepted. I was pleasantly surprised to put them on and not have excessive bunching around the ankles; the usual woe of short girls that can not be solved by heels alone. But really they ought to be calling these "hot hues" because I am now convinced it is sheer insanity to wear jeans even for 10 minutes in summer in Virginia (see how pink my face is in these?). Who conceptualized a pair of pants/jeans for summer? No matter the color, I don't think it suits the season. So my review is rather flawed because while they might normally be comfortable, all I could think was, "oh my goodness, I'm melting, please let me get back inside and throw on a sundress and then press my face to an A/C vent!" I am beginning to doubt the sanity of everyone I see not wearing dresses now...

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