Throw Your Heart Over The Fence

I have the hardest time finding blouses I like; bottoms are ok, dresses are easy, but tops are a real struggle. This one by Topshop is far from perfect, but I do love how lightweight the fabric is and the pretty scalloped edges. It will layer sweetly under my dresses and give me that schoolgirl vibe I have yet to tire of. Ironically, I did attend a private school for one year of my pre-college education and have a uniform--I didn't enjoy it then. Our uniform had zero flexibility; ensembles were dictated down to our socks and there were even prohibitions on hair cuts, color, and piercings. My parents are still amused that I occasionally dress like a schoolgirl now when they recall how much I hated it then.

Outfit details:
Topshop blouse
UO shorts


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