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I have the hardest time finding blouses I like; bottoms are ok, dresses are easy, but tops are a real struggle. This one by Topshop is far from perfect, but I do love how lightweight the fabric is and the pretty scalloped edges. It will layer sweetly under my dresses and give me that schoolgirl vibe I have yet to tire of. Ironically, I did attend a private school for one year of my pre-college education and have a uniform--I didn't enjoy it then. Our uniform had zero flexibility; ensembles were dictated down to our socks and there were even prohibitions on hair cuts, color, and piercings. My parents are still amused that I occasionally dress like a schoolgirl now when they recall how much I hated it then.

Outfit details:
Topshop blouse
UO shorts



  1. I like the scalloping of the blouse as well, but I think the bodice portion is fairly shapeless, especially for your frame. It does strike me as very girl scout-y, but if that's what you're going for, woo hoo!

    In love with the pop of color at your feet!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. what a nice outfit ^^perfect for summer, simple but pretty and frech, love it! have a good day!

  3. I love your shoes, very pretty!
    I spent seven years in a school with a heavy woolen green uniform and rules about the color of your school bag and hair. Also we got all jewellery confiscated and were not allowed any piercings, visible tattoos or nail varnish! :) I guess I got used to it!

  4. What a great photos! You look wonderful!

  5. My outfits are always school girl/ toddler like !

    These shorts look nice and comfy !

  6. I totally agree with you about the issue of finding tops! It's so easy for me to find skirts, dresses, and even pants, but it's so hard to find a top I love! I love the scallops on this one!


  7. Hi Rebecca I love your top its adorable! I think your outfit would look great with a pair of white tennis sneakers also, what do you think? Have a great day!!

  8. This outfit looks like it would be so comfortable in all this crazy summer heat! I love the color of the sandals.

    Beautiful blog! Keep being fabulous :)
    Hugs, D

  9. super cute! following!

    xo sierra

  10. @Anonymous definitely, altho with the temps lately I vote open-toed shoes or sandals for most days. :)

  11. I have same problems finding tops I do like. But this was not to bad, I have seen worse. And those bracelets looks lovely.

  12. I have to agree; I am practically always wearing a skirt or dress, those I find easily. I like various fits, lengths etc. But to match or layer a top is so much more difficult! When I'm shopping I almost have to make myself look for tops; I know it is so much more difficult but I also know I will have nothing to wear my skirts with if I don't at least sometimes attempt.

    You for one have been an inspiration for remixing dresses as tops. I've found this tremendously useful and has broadened my wardrobe so much. It also means that when I am buying a dress, one of my thoughts is, whether I could I wear it as a top. Thank you for documenting your stylistic creativity!

    -The Paperbag Miss

  13. I'm the same way with blouses, but I love this one! The scalloping on the sleeves is just so cute!

  14. i love the details of the blouse. i have such a terrible time with blouses too. and even skirts sometimes. it's much easier to wear a dress.

  15. I totally agree with the top-finding problem. Probably why I own so many dresses! (And have even given up on finding any nice blouses for summer--am in the southern hemisphere). Love your sandals, they look super comfy.

  16. I had to wear uniform in high school as well!...all four years. Technically, it was more of a dress code and definitely had a little more flexibility than some school uniforms. Yet, people still broke them anyways. For example, I dyed my hair in two colors...just for rebellion...and uh, got sent home when I wouldn't change it right away. Such a bad girl back then. haha

  17. i love your sandals- i have them in the camel color and i was eyeing the pink pair. although when i zip up at the heel, it cuts my skin a bit >_<

  18. I love these photos! Clean and super cute blouse, I also love love the strappy sandals<3


    Take a look see if you'd like:]

  19. The scalloped sleeves on that blouse are really great!
    Don't you get bug bites from being outside to take your pictures (and anything else) ? Your legs look so flawless! :)

  20. That blouse really is cute and perfect for summer. I love your sandals too. A perfect casual look.

  21. love your summer shorts outfit. you have gorgeous legs for shorts. loving those sandals too.


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