Wrong Side Of The Tracks

While I was taking pictures I heard a train coming and my heart did skip a few beats. I scrambled quite quickly to get myself and my camera off the tracks, only to realize the train was headed down an entirely different set several yards from me; then I sat on the rails having a little laugh at myself. (As I explained to a friend, I was more concerned about my camera than myself--I can move my body, but my camera is a poor, helpless inanimate object and can not get out of the way.) Taking pictures in interesting places does have its pitfalls and I've collected a number of humorous stories (from creepy cars following me to military police officers who detain me and several snakes and spiders in between). It always amuses me how sometimes the worst days photographically can turn out some of the most idyllic pictures. Often when I'm smiling really big in a shot, it's because I was just laughing at myself (for being scared of trains or nearly falling over from heel difficulties).

Onto the clothes: I'm not usually one for ruffles, but this dress from my sponsor Chloe Loves Charlie is a pleasant exception. I like to think the understated grey/purple color balances the more saccharine details, but perhaps I'm just turning into a girly-girl who wears loads of pink and ruffles...

Outfit details:
vintage Coach purse


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