Elegant As Simplicity And Warm As Ecstasy

I received this ladylike dress from Trashy Diva about a month ago, but I saved it for fashion week and the Oscar de la Renta show specifically. Unlike most designers, Oscar de la Renta shows his collection twice; making each runway very intimate and quite full of industry superstars and celebrities. There are only a few rows on either side of the runway and very little standing room, everyone in attendance is dressed exceptionally well and it's an intimidating crowd to rub elbows with. All this to say: I wanted to feel my most elegant and this dress seemed like the ticket. It's a difficult length for someone of my height, but I quite like the way it feels so I'm resisting hemming this one. I chose lots of flats (or low heels) for fashion week, because I was quite focused on taking pictures rather than being photographed and my schedule had me running from one end of New York to the other. This dress ended up being quite perfect in that aspect--I could kneel on the ground for the perfect snap quite easily without fear of flashing someone!

Outfit details:
Ferragamo flats
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Erin


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