When Is There Time To Remember

Sunset is sneaking up on me lately. Daylight fades before I feel I've gotten a proper grasp on the day, but I suppose we can never really hold on to something as fleeting as time or insubstantial as light. Anyway, the point is I need to start adjusting my schedule so that I take photographs before twilight or else buy a nice flash for my camera!

Outfit details:
old school cardigan
Wren dress
ASOS purse



  1. What a fun dress! I'm a new follower and can't wait to have time to properly read your previous posts!

  2. is it weird that i like how those heels make your feet look bigger? i think its the roundness at the toe . anyway it looks really col in a way

  3. is it hard to walk on those heels?

  4. i love this dress ... its so fun and flattering.

  5. Awesome dress I love all the colours, and the tights are a great colour too

  6. @Anonymous, it's a mix, they're rather easy to walk in heel-wise as they don't make you stand on your tippy-toes, but like a lot of platforms/wedges they are rather treacherous, if you step on something uneven or twist your ankle you really twist it. So, I find them super comfortable, but I'm also rather constantly afraid I will hurt myself in them! ha!

  7. aagh, i know right? I always get excited about fall coming and the leaves turning and the weather getting cold...but then I remember that my days are getting shorter, which means less time for outdoor shoots!! :/

  8. Gorgeous ! I love your dress and your cardigan is amazing as well !!

    Much love , Riim :)

  9. Ah again with that dress, haha adorable, it's super crazy. I like it.

  10. That dress is wonderful! I really enjoy the green tights and cute cardigan with it too. And the mary jane heels are amazing!

  11. I ordered those heels from Modcloth on an impulse and returned them because I was worried about walking in them. So I'll just keep enjoying them vicariously through you and all the chic ways you style them. =)

  12. fun colors! I could NEver walk in those heels. wow!

  13. You look so fantastic!!! And I know what you mean about the fleeting light. I'm just not ready for long evenings to fade away. Especially when my photos are also coming out too soft due to dwindling sunlight.

  14. Love this outfit. Head to toe. :)

  15. The colours on the dress are so interesting! I love those heels but I have no idea how to wear them for long. Any tips on choosing and wearing heels?

    Fang Ting

  16. Interesting dress.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    an evening at the symphony

  17. That's such a lovely outfit!
    I love your stockings with those shoes which seem to come from Oz!
    Have a nice day
    Sara C.

  18. @ftfashion, I find platforms make shoes much more comfortable than shoes without platforms. I also know that my foot can't handle heel heights over 3.5, well 5 inches if there's a 2 inch platform, but not 4 inches straight (if that makes sense). I also wear all my new shoes around my house for a few days before I try wearing them out. Ultimately, I don't think there's a trick to heels other than practice & I'm still not the best--I always wear flats on days when I had to do a ton of walking.


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