Plunge Into Sublime Seas

I've had these shoes for years now, but I don't wear them much because they're like little straightjackets for your feet. The ideal style for your feet is bare; I don't even want to wander around my house in socks. But since that's usually rather unrealistic, we must don shoes; even so shouldn't we be able to escape these shoes in a timely manner? I like to think so. Still, I'm a sucker for these lace-ups because really anything that seems ballet inspired is aesthetic perfection.

Outfit details:
old school uniform cardigan
vintage dress
UO belt
Zara flats



  1. Lace up shoes like that are so neat! You can always do so much with them. I do like the fading light in your pictures, it adds a peaceful feel :)

  2. Pretty dress!

    Greats from Brazil!

  3. Wow, I had no idea Zara had made Irish dance shoe knockoffs. :) I wore shoes like that every day for over ten years. haha. This outfit is really charming and I love the setting.

  4. It look like you are living in a place with nice and warm weather! Lucky you!
    These little ballerina's shoes are really cute ^3^
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  5. the shoes are beautiful! if they were mine i would wear them like everyday!
    i like your dress also very much!

  6. Those shoes are adorable! Happy Halloween! :)


  7. I remember you getting them a few years ago, and complaining that they weren't the easiest to put on or remove, and that they weren't the most comfortable either... but man, are they cute!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  8. Your shoes are so cute!!! Happy Halloween!

  9. Golly, this outfit is complete perfection! Everything is beautiful, right down to your ballerina shoes <3

  10. Your hair looks amazing. Very chic.

  11. Great vintage dress. It's like "surprise, the buttons are on the side." Beautiful!

  12. Oh no! Why do painful shoes always look the greatest? I have a pair of uncomfortable shoes - my 'foot twisters' I like to call them, but boy do they look good on! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  13. lovely flats shoes!
    I want *-*
    great look

  14. They look like Irish dancing shoes! Seriously! I think I would not want to wear them if it was too hot though, the laces look like they might get uncomfortable? Love the pics, I love being by the sea!!


  15. I think the shoes are really cute! I, too, almost always walk around the house barefoot but I would never even think about doing that outside of the house haha. I love your dress and how cute it looks with the cozy cardigan.


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