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J Brand sent me a pair of their exclusive color jeans for City Year. The colors they chose are really fantastic (I'm wearing the vine and I'm eyeing the plumberry), but what's really awesome is that 100% of net proceeds from these styles will benefit the efforts of City Year. City Year is a national non-profit that focuses on encouraging students to stay on track and in school through education-based resources. It's rather wonderful that you can purchase some on-trend jeans for this season and support a good cause at the same time.

P.S. Yes, I love this sweater.



  1. I adore the print on this sweater! I've been searching for more to add to my wardrobe as I only wear cardigans! Love the location too!

  2. that sweater is fantastic and i still can't get over how amazing your hair looks! :) makes me want to cut mine but it wouldn't look half as good!
    check out my shop too!

  3. This is wonderful! I love how you've styled that cute sweater. It has so many nice fall colors in it. I really enjoy your shoes too.

  4. those jeans are perfect for fall! When I went over to City Year- I found myself eyeing the plumberry too. :) I've been wanting a pair of corduroy skinnies in that color for sometime. I think its nice to know your money is going somewhere good.

  5. You are wearing almost all my favourite trends in one outfit...loafers, skinny coloured denim, the patterned sweater, autumn shades, sheer collared blouse...really adorable! Love.

    <3 Cambria

  6. Such cute heels!
    Tilly M x

  7. I actually just finished a blog post featuring the best "Nordic" and "Fair Isle" sweaters found on Etsy!


    Yours is adorable! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Sounds like a win-win situation, especially because of how awesome these jeans look.

  9. This outfit look comfortable. Inspire me a lot

  10. mm... i know this is your job but this every post of this blog is becoming a brand commercial... what happened with your interesting writing? I was a fan of yours... this is becoming WAAAYYYY too commercial...

  11. @AlexDylanGrohl, sorry but I never personally considered myself much of a writer. The text of my posts has never been a focus for me b/c my writing's so spotty.
    This post wasn't sponsored. J Brand gave me a pair of jeans but I wasn't obligated to talk about them. I chose to write about the jeans b/c it's supporting a charity and I thought that was important to share. Just because I link to a product or discuss it doesn't actually mean I'm getting paid or even somehow obligated to do so.
    So, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm afraid my creative writing will continue to be spotty and posts that read as "commercial" will continue to be written. Since I post twice a day I personally feel any commerical posts are balanced by more artistic ones, but it's my blog and obviously I like the way it's going (otherwise I wouldn't be doing it). So sorry you're not happy, but yeah just because I'm writing a review or talking about a product, doesn't mean I'm getting paid for it. I did all that before I ever had sponsors too.

  12. Hi, love the jeans! If it's not too intrusive, what size did you get in the jeans? I'm unfamiliar with J Brand jeans sizing and I'm about your size but don't know which size to order. Thanks.

  13. @Anonymous, not too intrusive--although I do wonder how you know we are the same size! I never guess people are the same size as me by pictures...I'm 5'1" But anyway, I wear a 24 in J Brand; it's by waist size and I find they fit true. Hope that helps. :)

  14. I feel like the colours and textures in this outfit are the absolute perfect fall outfit. Love this look!


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