Sea Is Not My Friend

Getting to the beach was a slight adventure. My old home has ceased to be a military base (due to BRAC) and as a result some of the old beaches have been fenced off. It's quite a logical decision to make since they're very isolated and it's difficult to monitor them, however as they happen to be some of my favorite spots I find this kind of, I climb fences. Since I'm not going to leave anything but a few footprints in the sand I don't feel too bad about crossing boundaries. In the end, I spent a pleasant little while enjoying the sun down by the water.

P.S. Just to clarify: the area is now owned by the state and anyone is allowed to come on to the former base. Certain areas are fenced off not because it is illegal to visit them, but because they're isolated and hard for the state to monitor.

Outfit details:
Cheap Monday sunglasses
sweatshirt, from childhood
thrifted skirt
vintage shoes


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