Sea Is Not My Friend

Getting to the beach was a slight adventure. My old home has ceased to be a military base (due to BRAC) and as a result some of the old beaches have been fenced off. It's quite a logical decision to make since they're very isolated and it's difficult to monitor them, however as they happen to be some of my favorite spots I find this kind of, I climb fences. Since I'm not going to leave anything but a few footprints in the sand I don't feel too bad about crossing boundaries. In the end, I spent a pleasant little while enjoying the sun down by the water.

P.S. Just to clarify: the area is now owned by the state and anyone is allowed to come on to the former base. Certain areas are fenced off not because it is illegal to visit them, but because they're isolated and hard for the state to monitor.

Outfit details:
Cheap Monday sunglasses
sweatshirt, from childhood
thrifted skirt
vintage shoes



  1. It must be so calming to go by the ocean for your outfit pictures. This is so cute, I never dared wear boyish shirts with my short hair but it works for you when paired with the skirt! Love it.

  2. Love the sweater with the collar!


  3. These photos are lovely ... and they made me miss the sun. =(

  4. first prize for cutest jumper ever! and have a mentioned enough already how much I love your hair?

  5. I used to live by the sea too and now I've moved to a place in the interior of the country with no sea whatsoever. I think it is what I miss the most apart from friends :P

  6. wow, very lovely photos!
    i live near the sea and I really enjoy it, I can't imagen to live without an ocean near by...

  7. Such a cute sweatshirt! You've got to be careful climbing fences in tights, though - I've gotten quite a few holes that way.

  8. What a shame they've fenced off the beaches, they're so pretty! But aren't you worried about getting in trouble, admitting on the internet that you're on the beaches? I guess most style blog readers aren't members of the military chain of command!



  9. @BellaRose, nope not worried b/c the beaches aren't owned by the military anymore, it's public property & they're chained off for "our safety." So, basically someone who is monitering that area (a security guard--not police officier or military police) would have to read this post & know what beach I'm referring to (which I only mention as my old home & many beaches look the same) and then they'd pretty much just be annoyed with me.
    The thing is you aren't prohibited from climbing the fence (there aren't even signs saying "don't cross"), it is merely a deterant so they won't have to moniter those beaches b/c the area is currently under no authority--there are no lifeguards or officers checking to make sure no one is drowning or getting drunk out there. They're trying to discourage people from visiting the beaches, but it's not illegal.

  10. You should definitely go to law school!

  11. So now you can't wear your best tights to the beach right? Annnoying!

  12. Hello! :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I borrowed one of your pics for a "summing up favourites" post over at my blog. You can see it here:

    Happy Monday! :)

  13. You look fantastically cute! I really enjoy the sweater layered over your collared shirt. The shape of your skirt is very cute too.

  14. Such a fun look!! I've never been too good at climbing fences and in my few attempts, I've ended up with way too many bruises. I'm really in love with your haircut, by the way.

  15. Beautiful look, and what a blessing it must be to be able to be so close to the sea!

    xoxo Maria

  16. Oh, I still love your hair! :) I like the girly combination, I remember this sweater from an old post of yours... So cute.

    It was worth it climging the fence, the sea is gorgeous...

  17. wow your hair is even shorter
    what made you cut you hair so drastically?
    you look great

  18. @Yajaira, haha, no reason really. I guess I just wanted a change, so I went for it.

  19. Ohh, your cropped hair is gorgeous! <3 I think I love it even more than the bob! Oh, and your top is the cutest! I love the shade of blue!

    Lost in the Haze

  20. Rebel fashion yell to climbing fences! ;) Bravo for these great shots of you by the sea.

  21. Great outfit and beautiful pictures.


  22. People swim there in summer or water is still ubber cold?


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