Full Circle

Few will probably recall this, but when I first began my blog I had a bob haircut and wore glasses every day. It wasn't until right before my semester in Greece that I got contact lenses and started to grow my hair out. Now, with a very short 'do and these new frames from BonLook, I almost feel as if I've come full circle. I'll still regularly be a contact-wearer, but these glasses are certainly fun to wear on occasion. I have the Flanagan rose gold glasses and I love the subtle color and shape.

If you'd like your own BonLook glasses, you can get $10 off by entering CLOTHESHORSE10 at checkout (all BonLook glasses are just $99 with prescription included).

Outfit details:
Carven skirt
ASOS tights
Korkease oxfords
Juicy Couture purse



  1. Very adorable! I love the glasses! I am looking for some new frames!

  2. love your glasses :)

    visit my blog :)



  3. Love the glasses. I'm also a glasses wearer. Have contacts but they kiiiill me.

  4. I really love this skirt and the glasses are a cute touch!
    -andrea lynne rose

  5. oho, my gosh, your skirt is AMAZING!


  6. This Skirt Is So Cute And I Love Your New Haircut!

    The Bootlace

  7. ohhh you look adorable with glasses on..

  8. i am in love with your hair and your skirt! ah!

  9. You've just inspired me to shop in the little boys department, but I'd have no idea what size to get! Trial and error it is!


  10. Aw, your glasses are the cutest ever! <3 and what a find with your sweater - you must be teeny tiny!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. those glasses are SUPER adorable! love the color of the frames:)

  12. @Jo, I'm way shorter than I look in pictures! I want to take a picture with a friend soon, so people will get a nice little comparison. :)

  13. I was just looking back at some of your previous posts...

    I love your first post about the martlets...you describe them so beautifully.

    Also, the post where you pose with the vacuum is absolutely adorable.

    The color of your sweater is so pretty against the leaves in the background.

  14. Hi! I've never commented on your blog, but here I go. This might be my favourite blog, I've been to tumblr just for a week or 2 though. Actually our taste in clothes is pretty similar.. why I needed to comment now, is that today you posted your new eyeglasses that are the same shape as mine, and also I just bought a brown hair color so that we'll be like twins! ok not really, I'm not beautiful as a doll like you are! <3 but yes we've got the same haircut too. You're adorable! Thanks for keeping this blog, I've found many lovely clothes stores from the internet through you!!
    t: Riina

  15. I love switching between glasses and contacts.
    Also just how amazing is the volcano print skirt? I'm jealous now! Love how it looks with the sweater.

  16. I love the print on that pretty skirt. I also really like those glasses - I like the colour especially since it is more subtle. May just have to check out bonlook!

  17. I love the glasses and I salute your look; I love the glasses and short hair look but I am terrified to get better glasses and a short haircut because I don't want to be mistaken for a 15 year old again (it's depressing enough when I turn up to places for work and they don't believe I'm old enough to have graduated!)

    - Bella

    (aka www.divine-decadence-darling.blogspot.com)

  18. Unrelated but I would love to see a dead paper collection by sophie duran, right?

  19. Very cute, preppy outfit. Love the pices of clothing that have a sky/galaxy print in them. These are statement pieces!

  20. Those glasses look so cute on you! I really love the sweater layered over your dress too. Great look!

  21. You are just the cutest! And you look great in glasses!


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