Full Circle

Few will probably recall this, but when I first began my blog I had a bob haircut and wore glasses every day. It wasn't until right before my semester in Greece that I got contact lenses and started to grow my hair out. Now, with a very short 'do and these new frames from BonLook, I almost feel as if I've come full circle. I'll still regularly be a contact-wearer, but these glasses are certainly fun to wear on occasion. I have the Flanagan rose gold glasses and I love the subtle color and shape.

If you'd like your own BonLook glasses, you can get $10 off by entering CLOTHESHORSE10 at checkout (all BonLook glasses are just $99 with prescription included).

Outfit details:
Carven skirt
ASOS tights
Korkease oxfords
Juicy Couture purse


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