Interview With Scathingly Brilliant

Scathingly Brilliant is a delightful blog by Kate that looks as if it should be edible; even her hair reminds me of cotton candy! I enjoy her creative posts and whimsical fashion sense, so I asked her a few questions about a dream party that could only take place in her imagination.
What type of party is it?
A slumber party!
Who's invited?
Carl Sagan, Edward Gorey and his cats, Kurt Vonnegut, Mulder and Scully (from The X-Files), Clarissa Darling (from Clarissa Explains it All), Hayley Mills, Robert Redford circa 1969, Woody Allen, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Julie Christie, Tigger, Ned and Chuck (from Pushing Daisies), my family, my best friends, my cats and Michael Scott from The Office. I know Michael Scott has ruined a lot of parties, but he promised he'd behave for mine if I let him do a stand-up routine.
Where does it take place?
In a 12th century castle in Ireland.
What are you serving?
Pizza, popcorn, lots of slumber party snacks and sparkling grapefruit juice. And Ned baked a bunch of pies in every variety imaginable. The apple was especially delicious!
Who would get to sit next to you?
My cats on one side, in little kitty booster seats, and Mulder on the other. We can talk about alien conspiracies while Carl Sagan gives us a disapproving look from across the table.
What is everyone wearing?
Since it's a sleepover, everyone is wearing pajamas!
Is there a special play list or entertainment?
The Pogues stopped by for a short live performance, and then we spent the rest of the night playing board games and watching classic black and white films being projected on one of the giant castle walls. Oh, and Michael Scott got to do his little stand-up performance, too!
Are there any party favors?
Everyone got a mix-tape of songs from the party and lots of little do-dads like the ones that you'd get in goody bags when you were little… candy necklaces, Lisa Frank stickers, bubbles and slinky toys!
What are the hot topics of the evening?
Our favorite books, astronomy (Carl Sagan led an impromptu star-gazing session on the castle lawn!) and movies. And lots of gushing about our pets.
Who is the most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Nobody danced on the table, but Tigger bounced on it!
Who is the last to leave?
After all of the guests are gone, I surprise my family by telling them that I bought the castle and we never have to leave! …. A girl can dream, right? :)

For more visit her blog, Scathingly Brilliant.


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