Middle Of The Road

I was just talking on Twitter last night to Bestie and I told her I think she's much more sartorially adventurous than me. It's true too (& she's not the only one!); she experiments with maxi skirts and trousers while I get sucked into a routine of mini-skirts and vintage dresses. Sometimes I blame it on my height (it's hard to find maxi skirts you won't trip on when you're petite or trousers you don't have to hem for that matter), but I do know how to sew and those are rather easy fixes. It's not that I dislike my current style, it's just sometimes I worry I avoid things because they're a little difficult to find or I think they might not flatter me. However, I don't think those are good reasons to avoid trying new things, even just in regards to your closet. Thankfully, there are so many stylish ladies on the web taking chances and mixing things up that I'm inspired to wear trousers from time to time and hopefully experiment more too!


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