Sheltered From The Wind

This old abandoned train is a nice escape from windy days. Perhaps I'm really a vampire, but when we have repeatedly bright and windy days here in Virginia, I long for the overcast weather of Washington. Still, I know I'm in the minority and cast me back into that setting for long enough and I'll ask for blue skies again. Perhaps it isn't one being more preferable to the other but a balance we need. A little bit a sun, a little bit of snow, fall, spring, mix and repeat...

Outfit details:
old school cardigan
Built by Wendy dress



  1. We've been having lots of gray days here in Michigan lately, and I kind of love it! We had a lovely stretch of sunny days, but I'm enjoying the moody weather for now. It's so cozy. Perfect for comfy sweaters and big scarves like you're wearing :)

  2. I love the skirt! The ruffles are sweet and add a bit of color for winter! You always have such fun outfits on your blog :)

  3. your outfit is so lovely!
    The perfect look for winter,the colours, the ruffles...

    saludos from barcelona

  4. I love this outfit! The grey tights really bring things together. :)

  5. I wish we had more sunny weather. England sucks! I love the accessories for this outfit. So perfect :)

  6. Oh, this outfit is too cute!

  7. So glad I found your blog, you have great style! Love the bag here.

  8. It's been so gray here in Indiana, some days I love it...right now I want sunshine.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  9. Cute dress and sweater!!
    These days I'm really missing sun in Paris, the sky is all grey and it's raining all the time :'(
    Because of this, I can't take so often photos for my blog.
    I would like to have an abandoned train like yours it look like it's practical, with a really special atmosphere! I love it!
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  10. I love the scarf, and your shoes are adorable! Beautiful.


  11. I'd be so scared of spiders in one of those trains. Though maybe that's an Australian fears, leave something abandoned for too long and wildlife takes over..
    Alice xx

  12. i'm in love with your backpack :)
    ~niki <3

  13. I love this mix of layers you have going here. The cowl, sweater and dress just look fab together. And I for one am over the cold dreary days.

  14. beautiful skirt! Love how you styled it :) <3

  15. I'm grew up in Washington and I completely understand how you feel. My husband recently acquired a job in Hawaii and silly me--all I can think of is how much I will miss the overcast days.

    What an adorable outfit. I especially love your scarf.

  16. Adorable look, I love your over-sized chunk scarves. I agree, we definitely need a balance. I'm always sick of summer by the time autumn arrives, but in January I would give anything for a crazy sunny day. Maybe we just always want what we don't have :)

  17. This is my favorite! I love the first picture in the series, you are glowing and the lighting is perfect! I need to find myself a secret abandoned train spot!

  18. That is such a beautiful cowl, I can't wait till it is a bit cooler here and I can start wearing scarves again.

  19. This is one of the best looks yet! I love the contrast between the brown and blue.

  20. I might be behind on this but I have to say that I love your new header image - it is so pretty!


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