A Sunset Glow

It's funny whenever I find myself in classic pieces, like button-up shirts. I have all of these strange thoughts about certain garments (and colors) and what they mean or they say, or what style tribe they are associated with. Preppy kids who play sports or at least cheer on their school at the games, wear button-ups. They aren't the popular party students, because they're a bit too concerned about their grades, but they're social and outgoing. Their lunch table is crowded and loud; all the girls in shiny sterling jewelry and high ponytails, they could be mistaken as sisters from a very large, well-coordinated family. They've had their top colleges selected since elementary school and their ten year plans might as well be written in stone. Button-up blouses (by my definition) are definitely not who I was or am. Of course, all this is has no basis in reality; it's just the way my eyes choose to see things, the connotations my mind builds with objects for no apparent reason. Still, sometimes I see myself in a button-up and loafers and just wonder what it all means...

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  1. I love this outfit! I think its very simple and well put together.


  2. I love wide sweaters, like this one... with a large neckline, very feminine. As pretty worn with a blouse, than without when the beautiful days will return!
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  3. I think we all have those associations, especially with clothes. It's funny that you describe a button-down girl like that... you just described my younger sister! I'm so different from her, and I avoid some things because of it -- like American Eagle button-downs!
    It's interesting how you can make it your own once you challenge those thoughts.

  4. I think about things like that, too: what does this item of clothing mean? I think it's because I love stories so much. Sometimes I overthink an outfit or article of clothing, and often I come to the conclusion that as long as I feel comfortable in it - feel "myself" - there's nothing wrong with wearing it. Even if I didn't think it was "me" at first glance.

    By the way, your hair is absolutely charming.


  5. yeea, i love your outfit. the pictures are great and you look really pretty! sunset glow.. dream.. =) just great!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I am loving your loafers!

  7. You are the most adorable person I have seen in a long time!!! I am officially in love with your blog now ^_^ And this whole outfit works so well.p

  8. You always look so darn cute! You pull off short hair so well too.

  9. I love button-up shirts, although my defintion is similar to yours and I'm not that kind of girl...^^
    And btw. I love your outfit! =P


  10. I love your outfit. In fact I just wrote a post about button up shirts (wovens) on my blog the other day. Would love to get your feedback (www.formandfunctionbylauren.com). I was a lot like your high school girl. Lots of friends, pretty good grades, not too popular. Just not with the ten year plan. Funny how clothes tell a story and that story is different for all of us. Enjoying your blog!

  11. This outfit is so sweet! Love the lip color with green sweater!

  12. I really like this outfit. That's probably because my go-to outfit right now is a button-down shirt and sweater combo. It's definitely funny the stereotypes we associate with clothes. Such a short period of time, it's amazing the effect high school has on us.

    Rebecca (hearts)...

  13. Adore this look especially the green sweater!

  14. The backgrounds you pick for your pictures are always so beautiful and your style so minimal and understated yet pretty.
    Photography and fashion are two things I absolutely love and through your blog i get to see both!

  15. You're so cute with that pixie cut! This outfit is perfect for just a day out and it looks so comfy. <3

    xoxo, Jjanga

  16. Love the outfit, such a cute jumper! And the button up suits you perfectly!


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