A Sunset Glow

It's funny whenever I find myself in classic pieces, like button-up shirts. I have all of these strange thoughts about certain garments (and colors) and what they mean or they say, or what style tribe they are associated with. Preppy kids who play sports or at least cheer on their school at the games, wear button-ups. They aren't the popular party students, because they're a bit too concerned about their grades, but they're social and outgoing. Their lunch table is crowded and loud; all the girls in shiny sterling jewelry and high ponytails, they could be mistaken as sisters from a very large, well-coordinated family. They've had their top colleges selected since elementary school and their ten year plans might as well be written in stone. Button-up blouses (by my definition) are definitely not who I was or am. Of course, all this is has no basis in reality; it's just the way my eyes choose to see things, the connotations my mind builds with objects for no apparent reason. Still, sometimes I see myself in a button-up and loafers and just wonder what it all means...

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