Surface Depth

Lately, I've felt a bit of a backlash (not personally understand, just a general sense from reading too many blogs/websites) against "twee" or rather sweet dressing. Sometimes aesthetics are just aesthetics and not a reflection of values or intelligence. Choosing to dress doll-like in no way negates your ability to think or function on a normal/higher level. People seem to think that a peter pan collar indicates a lack of depth in an individual. However, while our exterior can be used to express ourselves, choosing bows and headbands doesn’t mean abdicating from being treated like an adult or acting with maturity. Resembling a 50s housewife in vintage dresses doesn't mean I wish to escape to that bygone era or become a homemaker in the future. It is just as likely that we choose pretty packaging to soften the bite of a sarcastic tongue…

Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat
vintage dress
Tabio tights


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