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I recently re-discovered my father's old Pentax with half a roll of film in it. It's been over a year since I last took any pictures on it so I've been snapping away lately just to finish off the roll so I can find out exactly what I was taking pictures of a year ago--I don't even know if it's black and white or color film! I really enjoy shooting with film, but it's such an expensive process and I never know where I should go to get my pictures developed. Still, I'm quite intrigued by this mystery roll and will probably be hooked on this Pentax for a month or so...

Outfit details:
Trashy Diva dress



  1. gorgeous!! i love your dress!

  2. that's funny, I recently rediscovered my father's old konica camera and I'm absolutely the same as you...very curious about the pictures I've taken!

  3. Love your outfit!! The wine-colored tights are so cute with that dress!

  4. I have an old polaroid that still has some film in it. I use it so sparingly because soon there will be no more left! Your outfit is darling!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  5. I love the process of film though.. so exciting to see what lies in the photos vs the immediate gratification we now get. Love that outfit. xo

  6. perfect look! such a lovely dress)
    film photos are my love)

  7. As per usual, I love your outfit!! Such a great leather jacket!!


  8. Where are these pictures taken?? It looks like an abandoned ship or something...

  9. Wish my Dad had a nice old camera hanging around! Love your purple tights

  10. Love this!!!

  11. GAH! How I miss film photo's!
    I keep meaning to buy a new film camera but I feel like i'd never use it.

    Also, LOVE the colour of your tights! Amazing!

  12. hi, love your pictures!
    just saw you with the pentax, i have a praktica ltl from the 1970s, east germany, maybe you would like to check out some of my pictures on :)

  13. cute print. love your new haircut (not so new anymore of course, but it's been a while since i commented :)

    hope all is well in virginia. sad to lose a lovely washingtonian ;)

    hope all is well. my blog is back and running now - just so you know :)

  14. Love this outfit! I have been thinking about chopping my hair off and every time I visit your blog and see your adorable haircut my hair-chopping desire only grows stronger!

  15. Those tights are the cutest, I love them! Not too neon, but not too subtle either! Plus the scarf is a really cute accessory to add to the entire ensemble. :]]]

    if you have a chance, check out my blog!

  16. I love the way the scarf looks like it's attached to the jacket. Also, the seriousness of the leather with the playfulness of the skirt and tights is perfect!

  17. I love that old train... such a perfect location!! Post the photos after you develop the roll :)

  18. That dress is darling! Love the barely there print paired with colored tights...haute and chic! Super cute!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  19. Oooh I'm looking forward to seeing what's on that roll of film too. The colours in these shots are really pretty- the rust, blue and yellow paint are fantastic and go so well with your tights!

  20. Great pics! Love the third to last! And how fun, a mystery roll!

    oh, and I have just been reading about being a "HSP" (highly sensitive person). Anyway, I thought that you might be one! (it's a good thing). Anyway, I am an extroverted one...but most HSPs are introverted. Really it is just a personality type...sort of...but yes, I find it fascinating, so I'll include a link to a self-test in case you are interested!


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