Habit and Routine

After all my trips it has been so nice to settle back into my quiet hamlet. I've been wearing some of my most comfortable clothes, catching sunsets on the river, and even making new collages. I do love going to new places and living out of a suitcase, but I'm also always rather glad to be home when the trip is over; to return to quiet routines and familiar paths. Socialization exhausts me and I'm quite convinced I will end up as a hermit one day.

Outfit details:
thrifted flats
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. i love your flats and tights! so darling.


  2. I feel the same way: I love to travel, but nothing compares to coming back home and into my daily routine.

  3. your little backpack is adorable.

    and i love this sweater & dress combo. it looks really flattering on you.

    i hate coming home from trips. there is a weird feeling i can never describe, like things have somehow changed, even though they haven't. i've gotten it since i was a little kid.

  4. Lovely outfit, and I always love your hair. Wish I'd pluck up the courage to get my hair short! X

  5. What a sweet and well put together outfit, the tights are so cute with the surprise detail on the side

  6. simple, but so cute- I love the shoes

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  7. Love the tights!


  8. I can totally relate to the socialization comment :P Although I have gotten a little better at it in the past year, but I still don't enjoy it as much as other people do.
    Happy to hear that you had a good time, though :)

    Hailey from http://squidsquads.blogspot.com

  9. Your tights are lovely and I also really like your rucksack.
    Wish I could pull off short hair like yours sugarplum

  10. I know what you mean. I love the comfort and feel of home but I also love the adventure of a new place.


  11. I would love nothing more than to have you choose my outfit every day ;P

  12. I love your tights, they are so cute. Have seen lots of spotty hosiery on the recent catwalks, think I must purchase asap!

  13. I totally know what you mean! There's nothing like being home. Socialization is overrated, in my opinion!

  14. Black outfits are my favorite and definitely what I always fall back to especially on tired days.
    Fang Ting

  15. Coming home is always so bittersweet...I do love the feeling of collapsing into my own bed after a long absence :)


  16. How funny! This is exactly what I've been thinking lately. Hermitage might possible be the life for me. Well, nice to know I'm not the only one :) Love your outfit. You're so pretty!

  17. i think you hear that a lot but i will write it anyway, you remind me on michelle wiliams or better yet, mia ferrow.

  18. hermit? i doubt that. (:

    i know this isn't a topic you brought up in this post, but i find it funny that people still take the time to point out how they think you look better with your long hair (and it's a total zinger moment when you reply that YOU like YOUR hair better with the pixie). the reason i bring this up now is, well... looking at these photos, i truly think it's the prettiest you've been. simple and unassuming but just so lovely. plus i think you look, ahem, happy. (:

  19. Oooh you look so pretty ! I love your tights : so romantic ! :)

    Cassandre from http://duodeuxmode.blogspot.com/

  20. Woah those tights are awesome! The line down the sides is very flattering. Gotta get myself a pair similar!



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