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At 5'1" I consider myself more of a mascot than a model, but when Polyvore approached me to be in their first ever blogger runway show I didn't really know how to say no. Polyvore Live was an all-blogger runway show featuring four different emerging designers from FIT. Walking the runway was an experience I won't ever forget, although I doubt I will repeat it!

We arrived at 12:30 and then I spent the next 3 hours getting my hair done--it's no easy task turning a pixie cut into fishtail braids (although the people with Sarah Potema were absolute geniuses to make it happen). Once hair and make-up was done (a smoky eye by Cover Girl) I didn't really look or feel like myself! I even had a dresser who helped me into a glam sequined and gold outfit by Celestino. It wasn't long after that we were all lined up and waiting for our time to walk down the runway.
Even with all the help and glamour I was a nervous mess most of the day, so my favorite part was the rush after the runway was over and everyone was passing champagne around. At that point I could just look back on the day with relief that I didn't fall and excitement that I got to be involved in the project. So a big thank you to everyone who participated and Polyvore for inviting me to "model."



  1. you look super tall! i never knew you were so petite :) they did an amazing job with your hair as well, what an experience.

    pandaphilia style

  2. Oh wow! You are so lucky, I hope to be able to do this one day!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  3. i watched the entire thing and you looked FABULOUS ! from heel to toe :) model material, for sure! <3
    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

  4. I dunno... you look like a model to me, regardless of your height! Your hairdo is unbelievably awesome!

  5. "more of a mascot than a model", haha! You looked gorgeous (which incidentally is one of the prove-you're-not-a-robot-word)! Did you have any influence on what you were going to wear or was it decided for you? I'm glad you had a good time!

  6. i saw the show too and you were amazing!

  7. You look great! Love the way they did your hair and makeup. Was it a pain to get the extensions out?

  8. @Annette, thank you! everything was chosen for me, I mean I brought my own shoes but they chose those and they even did pedicures & manicures. I guess it was sort of like being a model in not being able to choose. :)

  9. @My Hidesaway, such a pain! but none of my real hair was braided in (my hair is too short), so less of a pain than it was for other girls.

  10. Wow, you look gorgeous! I love what they did with your hair, despite the amount of time it took - it's incredibly pretty!

    Oh, Such a Primadonna

  11. I love the way they braided your hair, it looks really good! :) And the outfit suits you as well.

    Hailey from http://squidsquads.blogspot.com

  12. saw the video and loved you and erin! this hair and make up really changes you, but it's gorgeous. congrats on being part of such an awesome event.

  13. Hi,
    I love your blog and I love your style. I want to know if you would ever be interested in wearing dresses, but with indian cotton and indian fabric. The link to the type of fabric I am talking about is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/decor8/5453464405/in/photostream/

  14. You look gorgeous! Congrats on your first runway walk :)

    Eternally yours,

  15. Oooh I'm glad you had fun! I was following all the action on twitter, so very excited to see photos!

    Isn't it a funny experience to suddenly look so different to everyday you. Having someone else do my hair and make up (though never so professionally as this!) always reminds me how versatile my face really is! I mean, I could look different every day! It's always nice then to go back to looking 'normal' again and seeing it all with a fresh perspective.

    Glad you had fun post-nerves!


  16. Wow I never realised you were so tiny. Ahh you look absolutely stunning and I am very jealous.


  17. Congrats on making through such an exciting but no doubt nerve wrecking experience. I'm off to look at the link; what a cool concept to use "real" people (not that models aren't real, but their proportions seem to be unreal).

    Also, you look gorgeous though it is not a style you seem to sport often. Fun to mix things up though :)

  18. what a fun adventure for you rebecca! you look wonderful like always. :)

  19. How fun! What a great opportunity. You looked beautiful too!

  20. Oh my goodness, that looks like an incredible experience! At 5' 2" myself I hope I get an opportunity like that someday! Congratulations, you looked absolutely stunning, as usual! :)

  21. You looked great! I didn't recognize you at first with this hairdo, but it was so cool to see all of you walking the runway!!

  22. Hermosa niña! you hair looks so great and different <3


  23. Gah, what an incredible experience it must have been! Your hair is gorgeous; hairdressing really does fascinate me...

    I watched the video for Polyvore Live and saw you for a few seconds in it! :)

    Maria Elyse

  24. I, for one, thought you did a marvelous job! :) I was a little nervous that someone I knew would fall but no one did :D

    Not sure I could ever muster up the courage to do the runway walk myself. I get butterflies merely thinking about it @_0


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