So Much Of Fragmentary Blue

Whenever I'm rather stumped about what to wear or too lazy to think, I default to piling on blue shades. Blue is my favorite color, so naturally there is a lot of it in my wardrobe and blue shades always mix so nicely with each other. Anyway, all that to say this is rather a "throw it on and go" outfit. Sometimes I only want to feature my better looks, but then I remind myself that part of the point of blogging is this every day diary sort of thing; even the more mundane looks are recorded and all together give a more accurate depiction of life (style-wise at least, I don't really ramble about my activities/personal stuff too much)..

Outfit details:
UO dress



  1. I love the blue color scheme! :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    ooo i am loving that backpack! so chic. I've been searching and searching the vintage stores for a similar style. they're hard to come by!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  3. Lovely outfit. Love the look of the necklace...I try'd the link and it does not work :(

  4. i love your coat and dress, you look gorgeous!

  5. i love how well blues always go together, makes it so easy!!

  6. I think your 'throw it on and go' outfit is really lovely! I'm not sure what my favourite colour is but I too have a lot of blues/purples. That coat is fantastic and you are so coordinated, the gold necklace goes so well with yours shoes, the buttons and details of your coat. Effortless!

  7. Oooh, I loved the coat, the skirt/dress AND the location!!

  8. @annarack, I'm sorry--I just tried the link on my end & it's working for me. it's just jewelmint, so if u google search I'm sure it will come up.

  9. I love blue. And I think it's a great go to colour because it is soothing. plus it reminds me of the ocean/lakes so it is calming :)

  10. I find those gold shoes very cute!

  11. I really like the blue theme, it's such a cute combo on you.

  12. i love the skirt and the sweater! where did you get them? :) - anna

  13. Hey Rebecca,
    when I saw this I thought of you. Maybe you can widen a little bit your horse collection with this piece:

    Sorry it's in spanish, but I'm sure you will also find it in the US section of the web.

    Hugs from a long time reader ;)

  14. @blurred memories, all outfit details are listed in the post. they're from j crew & urban outfitters, respectively.

  15. @Maria, thank you! that top is lovely. maybe I'll see it in a zara store next week...otherwise, I might have to try ordering it online. I like how they look like distorted hearts from a distance.

  16. bahhh! I am so in love with that coat. It's so astonishing. You look amazing in it. Kudos!

    love, polly :D


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