Sunday Remix

This ruffle dress from Built by Wendy has seen quite a bit. It's traveled abroad with me and moved across the country; clothes can have their fair share of adventures too. That's part of the pleasure of re-wearing clothes--you can put on a dress or pair of shoes and they will jog the memory of the last time you wore it, or the first time you wore it, or something special that happened to you when you had it on. There are certain dresses I don't even like to wear anymore but I keep in my closet because they remind me of certain nights I don't want to forget.



  1. I love your Sunday remixes! It's such a cool thing to see how different you can wear one dress :}

  2. Love this. Not only is it great style inspiration, but I completely agree about memories associated with clothes. So true!

    - Samantha

  3. i love that first picture! with the yellow hat, you stand out against the snow! <3
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  4. I love this kind of post.

  5. I adore the dress with the wine colored tights the best!


  6. I love your remix posts; its so nice to see bloggers re-wearing things, and you always do something different each time.

  7. Your dress is gorgeous!! and I love your hair. Thanks for sharing us.
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  8. I really love the dress! It is so versatile and very stylish. Thank you for sharing you fantastic idea.


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